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  • Hi,

    I would like to know if I can find a list of the css styles and names used in twentyeleven.
    For example if I want to make a style with large and italic font to not write another one if maybe there is one by default in the style.css of twentyeleven theme.

    I want more something like this.

    h1_example – h1
    h2_example – h2
    italic_example – .italic
    title1_example – .title_bold
    title2_example – .title_italic

    First row is how it looks, and second is which class is defined in style.css


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  • You can create font style classes for these like, use a child theme if you are changing the default theme.

    .italic {
      font-style: italic;
    .bold {
      font-weight: 700;
    .red {
      color: red;
    .bold-italic {
       font-style: italic;
       font-weight: 700;

    Then in the themes page and template files you can add these in the files, you may have something like:
    <h1 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
    Make it italic (2011 content-page.php):
    <h1 class="entry-title italic"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
    Make it red, bold and italic (2011 content-single.php):
    <h1 class="entry-title red bold-italic"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>



    Thanks David, this is a good advice.
    I’ll do like this I think.
    But my ideea was how to see which classes are already defined by default and how they look, maybe there are classes which I wanted and to not create duplicate ones.


    If you’re using Firefox, get Firebug. You can right-click and Inspect Element on any part of your website to see what classes are being applied to which elements and what styles they’re currently using.

    There are similar tools available for Safari and Chrome, I believe.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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