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  • emidac


    I was using a child theme of twentyeleven and getting a black screen for my dashboard login at wp-admin (specifically

    Then I went into FTP on BlueHost and noticed that I was missing the folder for original twentyeleven theme itself so I downloaded that new and unzipped it into my FTP. I also took a look at the error logs. Something was messed up with a plugin “W3TotalCache” so I disabled that.

    Now I’m back to the problem from earlier where not only do I get a blank screen when trying to login, but even my plain website itself is totally crashed and I just see a list of links for some .shtml files and the title of my page on top has turned into “Index of /”

    Please please help! It would be much appreciated. I’m also looking to potentially pay someone if they can consult on my site for an hour. I’ve had so so many frustrating issues since my wordpress site worked back in July and then all of a sudden lost all of its formatting out of nowhere on day. I’ve tried to diagnose my original error and after weeks and weeks to no avail, I just uninstalled and reinstalled and now am encountering even more errors that when I first began, and you’d think I only go faster the second time around after learning how things work.. :\

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  • emidac


    Any help / suggestions would be much appreciated.

    rename the file extension of default.html.olddu to default.html
    and refresh your error log by removing it and then check , if your site works or loads


    also rename them to .html .



    Thank you very much Gaurav for the advice. However, it did not work. Also, I removed my error log, but I was surprised that it did not recreate itself when I re-opened the FTP file manager.

    i think more of your extensions perhaps would be corrupted . If you check it you can find more .

    For anyone else trying to solve this, I was having the same problem with a custom theme. After much searching and troubleshooting, finally found that the solution was to make sure there are no blank spaces before, after, or even between functions in the functions.php file.

    For me, there was one comment I had inserted between two functions. When I removed this and deleted the blank space, problem was solved! No more blank screens.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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