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  • Hey all,
    Does anyone know when WP might roll out Twenty Twelve? I’ve been thinking of switching a couple of my sites to Twenty Eleven, but now I’m thinking it’s so late in the year, maybe I would want Twenty Twelve anyway? If it’s not for a couple or three months, I would switch now, but if it’s going to be in the next several weeks, then, I’ll wait.

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  • It’s definitely not going to be within a few weeks.

    The theme change would happen with a major release most likely (3.4, 3.5, etc. as opposed to 3.3.1, etc)

    As 3.3 just came out, the next major update (3.4) hasn’t really even begun. You can safely assume it’ll be a few months, as a minimum, if that is even part of the scope for the next major release

    Awesome. Makes sense. Thank you!

    Sure thing!!

    Read the core developers blog Feb 29 – should be able to beta test in March btw wp3.4 is due april

    Arf! Arf!

    Here it is:




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    It’s still in beta.

    Punted for WordPress 3.5, says WPForce:

    Punted for WordPress 3.5, says WPForce:

    That explains the unusual delay in the theme release, it’s the eight month of the year.

    Have been waiting for a theme exactly like Twenty Twelve and can’t wait to use it. So well organized, beautiful layout, fonts, and love the page and post templates.

    Hurry up, we are anxiously awaiting the new arrival.

    Best of luck.

    It´s now available on In the announcement it says that we don´t have to wait for WP 3.5 – the theme will be released in the Theme Directory soon.

    Self-hosted users will have access very soon via the Extend theme directory, and the new theme will be bundled with the official 3.5 software release later this year.

    It’ll be worth the wait!

    I ran Version 0.6 from GitHub on my site for a while and loved it; last night I activated the latest version of 0.9 (plucked from the WordPress nightly build) and SEVERAL bugs have been fixed in how it displays on mobile devices. The weird justification issues in comments and widgets from the previous version of 0.9 have also been fixed.

    The only thing weird thing going on right now in the version of 0.9 I installed last night is that the image borders are not displaying properly on mobile and the left border is missing on images when viewing on the web. All the borders directly display on the 0.6 version.

    This is a beautiful theme. As a commenter on said, my blog no longer looks like a blog. It looks like a website. And I love it. Huge thanks to all involved.

    And as itchy as I am to get a full-fledged Version 1.0 installed on my site, it’s okay to take a few more days and get it right, right, right.

    Dear John,

    Thanks so much for the update. I agree with the comment that the design makes WP look and function more like a beautifully designed site than just a blog, which is what I have been waiting to have happen for years now.

    Any indication of when the public, tested, and ready to use version will be available? Will we be able to install it directly like Twenty Eleven?

    Best wishes,


    Hi, S.,

    I wish I knew. 🙂 I don’t work for WordPress, I’m just a blogger like you. 🙂

    I have no idea when they plan to officially roll it out for the rest of us, but hopefully soon!

    For now, you can go here and download the nightly build. Unzip it, go to the wp-content folder, and then the themes folder. Drag the twentytwelve folder to your desktop, zip it, and then upload that zip file to your themes section in your Dashboard. That way you can give it a spin before it officially hits the repository!

    Thanks for the details Matt. Sorry, I overlooked your comment about the theme being available in the Extend Theme Directory. Just antsy to get my revamped blog back up and only with Twenty Twelve.

    Very helpful posts and information here so far. A great support system for those of us who are not coders, designers, etc.


    You could also download what’s already on, via the SVN repo

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