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  • Bing webmaster tools stated the home page of my site ( has too many h1-tags. The h1-tags are put by the Twenty Twelve theme. I have tried to change things using a child theme, but I had no success. Who could help me?

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  • Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Are most of them coming from individual posts?

    There are only two h1 tags on that page — the site title and the “home” entry title. That does not seem very problematic.

    Thanks, Andrew and WPyogi, for answering.
    Here I give some more information:

    The h1-tag-warnings are coming from the WordPress theme I use.

    In my home page Bing finds 3 h1-tags:
    – Arte Introspettiva
    – Home
    – Commenti meno recenti
    Bing finds the same problem in 5 more pages and it warns that it is a serious mistake. It finds 13 such mistakes in my site.
    I don’t know how problematic they are for SEOs, but I would anyway prefer not to have tham.

    You’d need to modify the php files (and any corresponding relevant CSS code) — which, unless you are quite experienced in coding, I would not recommend. For sure, do any modifications in a Child Theme.

    Personally, I would not worry about it — twentytwelve was built by a team of very experienced and smart people :).

    I am getting the same report from Bing using the Twenty-Ten theme. According to Bing, it is a serious issue for them.

    In my case it is the Post Title, and the first title on the post. I guess I could change all of the “first title on the posts’s” to h2, but why does the theme even offer the h1 tag for titles in the post?

    SEO is not an exact “science” and you will find many differing opinions on this kind of question. It also changes over time as search engines modify their algorithms (partly to neutralize people trying to manipulate their rankings by black-hat techniques). I’d suggest doing some research on it yourself.

    This may be a good starting point:

    h1, h2 HTML Headings and SEO

    More than one H1 on a page: good or bad?

    html5 allows multiples h1 tag, but still I personally think 1 h1 tag per page will make search engine be more confident in that tag.

    ..but why does the theme even offer the h1 tag for titles in the post?

    This is what I thought too, but my problem is not about multiple h1, it’s more about the styling issue, having h1 available in the post editor while 100% of the themes use h1 for post’s title already will only make the styling look bad when users use h1 tag in the post.

    Thanks beattle55, WPyogi and paulwp. I have now a better idea about the relative importance of this Bing-warning. And I agree with WPyogi it is difficult to change things myself. I have already tried (also through a child-theme), but I didn’t succeed. The links to pitstopmedia and to youtube were helpful. I will now look for other mistakes in my site. Nevertheless, if somebody knows a simple way to get to a solution, I will be happy to hear from him.

    I have got the same problem and I’m using the twentyeleven theme.
    The site title is an h1 tag
    and the entry title (of the page) is an h1 tag

    I understand that in general this is not very important.
    But Bing does not rank my site. So I think I have to solve this problem.
    From what I understand: I have to create a child-theme and make the entry title an h2 tag?
    Are there any other solutions?

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Sorry EvelineBlommestijn, you’ll have to create your own thread for further support.

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