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  • My blog is not displaying properly in Safari and Chrome on the iPhone. The menu bar looks squished and the side bar is gone. I’m using the Twenty Twelve Theme. I just want it to look like how my blog looked on Blogger before I switched to WordPress. The Blogger version ( comes out good on Safari so I’m not sure if its the theme code or something in appearance settings that is making my blog look funny on the phone. I do not want to install a Mobile plugin because I just want the mobile version to look exactly how it does on the desktop version. I have a NIVO slider installed for the header and even that is getting cut off. It’s only showing the top left part of the banner in the mobile version. Any help is greatly appreciated :).

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  • The theme on that site is not twentytwelve. It’s a theme (HostPro) that does not have the GPL license and is thus not supported or welcome here as it’s not in keeping with WP philosophy or policy.

    But if you previously had Twentytwelve, the problems are very likely due to many mark-up errors on your site:

    Missing, extra or stray tags can cause major layout issues.

    So you’ll need to clean those up before trying to deal with any CSS issues.

    Thank you. I had Twenty Twelve a few minutes ago but changed it to see if the new theme would show up properly. Thanks for the link to the site. Guess I’ll have to try it with the Twenty Twelve and see if that helps any. I didn’t change the code on TwentyTwelve so no idea why it would not show up properly. I only added my own banner and background, and the Nivo Slider, but without the Nivo Slider I still have the same problem. This is very frustrating for a newbie :(.

    Did you import content from blogger? It looks like a lot of HTML errors in your content.

    Did you create a child theme — it’s a BIG problem to make any changes to a WP default theme – -you will lose all your changes when WP is updated and it’s also crucial to have a clean copy of the theme for troubleshooting. So you need to backtrack and make a Child Theme…

    I know it’s lot to learn and frustrating, but you can do it. Just take it one step at a time…

    Just to clarify, no theme will work right if you have those kinds of coding errors, so you will need to fix them. They probably won’t be that hard to fix once you start. This is some more good info:

    Yes I imported from Blogger. I don’t think I created a Child Theme. IF the coding errors are due to importing from Blogger should I just copy and paste the content into new posts and just input the photos again?

    Yeah, that’s certainly one option — but lots of work :(. On the other hand, combing through HTML is likely to be pretty tedious too. The other thing I just noticed is that your images are still on blogger — did you know that? All the source file paths are to blogger. So that’s not ideal either.

    What I’d do is change back to twentytwelve, make a child theme and then see what your site looks like and how many errors there are in the content. Then see how hard it is to fix the errors, and then make a decision about whether copying/pasting would be better.

    Sorry I don’t have a better idea for you…

    Your site is quite nice — I started reading your posts :). I live in the Bay Area and spend a lot of time in the Tahoe area – so it was fun reading about your adventures…

    k I better start looking into how to make a child theme. Noticed the blogger photos on some of the posts. I think those are the ones I put on before I got a Flickr Pro account. Thank you so much for your help. I’m about 6 months behind on blogging :(. I have Spain and UK stuff that I have yet to post. I get torn between fixing up the blog and posting. Wish I knew how to write my own code because I know exactly how I want the blog to look just don’t know how to do it myself lol. I’ll give it another go in the morning. THank you again :D.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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