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  • I quite like Twenty Twelve and have used it several times of late.. The fact that it is responsive and this seems to work quite well is useful.

    But for all the Twenty Twelve outline/download page extolling the virtues of the new Opens Sans font — which does look great in Internet explorer V.9 (NOT my preferred browser) — it looks absolutely terrible in Firefox as it is all ragged and blotchy and becomes very wearing to view and read.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is? Or perhaps mention something that is probably pretty obvious (maybe a setting I am overlooking) to resolve this?

    I can only presume I’m not the only one who sees this horrible effect on the font in FF? (Using Version 18.0.2)


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  • Well, I’m not seeing it using the same version of Firefox under Win7.

    Presume then that it is in the FireFox settings somewhere? — Although it looks equally terrible in Safari (using on PC) to me, jaggedy looking letters and uneven line thicknesses, as if the font is not anti-aliased.

    As Internet Explorer (unusually)seems to be the less troublesome browser in this case, and renders the font nice and smoothly, I’d still like to know what the deal is with the other browsers if anyone has a clue?

    esmi — I’m using FireFox 18.0.2 vunder Vista. Could it be a Vista related issue? *I just looked using my Win7 laptop and it looks fine, as you say)

    I know it’s too late, but if someone is reading…

    Thanks, wpdoo, for mentioning Vista. I have the same problem, and this helped me to figure it out.
    It is Vista – any browser there (except for IE) seems to have the same problem with any web font.

    I have some suggestion for a fix, on my post. Not sure if that would apply to hosted blogs.


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    How come you didn’t advise to set up a Child Theme?

    Now that would be something for me to learn. Actually, for my small changes I followed others’ advice, which did not mention child themes.
    So I will. Thanks for suggestion.

    Thanks again, Andrew.

    I updated my post – now with changes done through child theme’s function.php.

    Actually I fixed rendering of web fonts in Firefox on my Vista PC by enabling ClearType in Personalisation (see this link).
    But this is clearly not an answer: the site should work for all users. And this problem with Vista, as I realise now, is only a tip of the iceberg. Just look at this discussion about web fonts.

    I wish WordPress team did more careful choice of the font. And it would help if Browser Detection global variables supported more choices (forums are full of questions about them).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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