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  • I’m using the theme twenty twelve.

    There are already multiple posts on this but when using IE8 and IE7, the menu reverts to the mobile menu.

    I have seen a patch and I have seen that some use respond.js but for someone who doesn’t really know coding I would like a simple solution (if there is one).

    I have installed respond.js as a plugin but it hasn’t fixed the problem. I have no idea how to install a “patch” when it’s just lists and lists of code. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to this stuff but when there aren’t explicit directions for how to do something it becomes hard, especially when many of us don’t do this for a living.

    So what I’m asking for is simple, explicit directions on how to fix the menu problem in IE8. Or even better, maybe the theme should just work in IE8 as about half of all my views come from people using IE8. And there are many even using IE7!

    Obviously we want to push people forward but even my organization (over 5,000 computers) is still using IE8 and we have a professional tech team, etc. It takes time for everyone to keep us.

    Twenty Twelve should WORK in IE8, at the very least! Please help with a solution that someone like me can implement.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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  • I also have this question. I have read through the other posts on the forums and there is no clear answer on what to do about this problem. I have also tried the plugin “respond.js” and it has not made a difference on my site. The menu still reverts to the mobile menu in IE8 and earlier. I also am not a coder by profession so the patch that I’ve seen means nothing to me because I have no idea how to implement the patch. This problems seems very strange to me because although I am not a professional website designer, it only makes sense to me that WordPress’s default theme should work on the majority of computers out there. And this one simply does not.

    The footer also does not work properly. The footer (for the front page template at least) stacks up all three footer modules on top of one another on the bottom right of the page in IE8 and earlier. So if I use more than one widget, all the content is mashed together in a big blob on the bottom right of the page. I wouldn’t say “big deal” except that this is a problem on one of the most common browsers in use right now. This is really weird and a big mistake by WordPress.

    Anyway, is there anyone out there who can answer this question? Can someone provide a clear solution on how to rectify this problem? I like the theme and want to use it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I spent hours designing a site with it before I realized the extent of this problem. I don’t want to have to start over; I’d rather find a fix and fix it. Normally fixing things like this is as simple as a google search or a support search but in this case it’s proving hard to find a solution that a non-coder like myself can implement.

    Help please!

    This is a good question. I have a site that gets over 50,000 unique visitors monthly. About 25% of them are using IE8 (or even earlier variants of IE). I would like to be able to get the navigation menu to work properly instead of switching to the mobile version of the menu in IE8 and IE7. I appreciate the clean look of twenty twelve and would love to be able to use it. I have researched different methods to fix it. I’ve found the following links:

    But honestly I have no idea what to do with all that information. It would be great if someone with some technical skill could tell the rest of us how to use the above information. How do we apply the patch? What code do we paste where? Do we use a child theme?

    I’d love to use this theme (twenty-twelve). But I must be sure the site looks reasonable for users if IE8.



    I wonder why this question is being ignore? I also have problem with this. Menu do not work in Internet Ex. 8. It go back to mobile and look horridble. This problem should be address. Please someone help explain the patch and how to implement it. could help many of us user who like twenty-twelve but who have to say NO to it because of lack of browser compatibility. Anyone help on this? It a BIG problem. Stupid for twenty twelve to be main WP theme but not work in majority of modern browser. don’t say IE8 not a modern browser because huge percent of people still use IE8. We cant make them upgarde. We can suggest but we cant make. please anyone help with a solution to this that we can use.



    Download the file pack found at Do so by clicking the “Download in other formats: Zip Archive” at the bottom, or clicking the individual files in the list near the top.

    Take those files and replace the existing files found in your Twentytwelve theme directory.

    If you’re looking to use a child theme you’ve got a bit more work ahead of you. You’ll need to look through the difference (red = old file, green = new file) that patch made in the Twentytwelve files and integrate them (by hand) into your child theme. As always, take a backup and be prepared to use it.



    I’m with frankieman – there are a lot of people out there still using XP and IE8. I’m creating pages for our local tennis club ( and I thought the whole idea of a template system was that you didn’t need to know how to code html or replace files. Isn’t that what support is for?

    When viewed with IE8 my site shows the word menu sitting in the middle of the menu bar and when you click on it, the other menu items appear underneath. A totally different look in Firefox (which is how I want it to look).

    Thanks to Ganso for the better instructions though, so far I have managed to download the files now I have to figure out how to replace the existing ones.

    And while I’m here, I cannot believe that you can’t insert standard tables from the editor toolbar. I admit to being old school but it’s still the best way to get everything where you want it on a page (such as captions centered under photos).

    Seems to me this is ‘Bad Press’ for Word Press.

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    There are a lot of people still using IE6 as well…

    In my opinion, it’s really not fair to press free theme vendors to provide old browser support.

    You can’t insert standard tables

    It’s still the best way to get everything where you want it on a page

    If you want, there are plugins that support this functionality. Don’t overdo it.



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    Thank you, the ie.css plug-in fixed menu problem for ie7 for me, wish I’d tried it sooner!

    Ganso thank you! Your answer worked for me. It now looks the same in ie7, ie8, ie9, FireFox and Opera!

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