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    How is it possible turn of this function of Main widget:
    “Appears on posts and pages except the optional Front Page template, which has its own widgets”

    I have only two other widgets but they are on the bottom I need one to the right side as well on the front page.

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  • It’s doable but rather not.

    Twenty Twelve use id="secondary" for both sidebar and sidebar-front, this means if we add the call to sidebar on front-page.php there will be duplicate id on one page.

    You can, however, make another copy of sidebar.php and rename it to something else like sidebar-main.php and inside it change id="secondary" to id="sidebar-main". Then in your child theme, make a copy of front-page.php with a call to this sidebar we’ve just made above the get_sidebar('front'). Also, there will be quit a bit of CSS adjustments to do.

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    front-page.php done
    sidebar-main.php done
    “secondary” to “sidebar-main” done
    get_sidebar(‘front’) done

    But I am not very good with css.. can you suggest what else I have to do?
    This is the and I will publish this modified theme for others…

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    there is the original css

    You need to make a child theme first, the site you link to uses 2012 straight, it should be a child theme using 2012 as a parent theme. Any modification will be done in child theme only, leaving parent theme as is.

    This is basic child theming.

    This is a blank 2012’s child theme available from

    The site you link to ( at the time of writing ) doesn’t have any sidebar in it, just so you know widget is under Appearance > Widgets

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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