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  • I have basic CSS/Wordpress skills but I’m very keen to learn more.

    I want a sticky menu with a logo on the left. I’m using the Custom CSS Manager Plugin.

    My menu is sticky using (and it works):
    #navbar {
    position: fixed;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: 1000;

    I want to put a logo in the menu bar on the top left- but it won’t work. What is the CSS to fix the logo on the left?

    My site:

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  • 1) It looks like you switched to the Twenty Twelve theme. The menu on the site currently isn’t fixed. But the CSS that you wrote will work, as long as you’ve correctly identified the ID of the nav bar for the theme that you are using.

    2) If you are making CSS changes, don’t make them directly to the theme’s files. If/when the theme gets updated because of feature enhancements, bug fixes, or security patches, then your changes will be lost. Instead, either create a child theme or use a CSS plugin like Jetpack or Custom CSS Manager. If you are just making CSS changes, then using a plugin is simplest.

    3) I don’t think any of the Twenty X themes (Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, etc), natively support a logo. You would have to create a child theme and edit a copy of header.php. Twenty Twelve & Thirteen allow you to have a header image, but it’s not really the same as a logo. If you want to have a logo, I would suggest searching through the WordPress theme repository for a theme which supports a logo.

    I’m using Custom CSS Manager.

    I’d like to stick with this theme, as it’s got the most support and I want to learn how this works myself.

    I’ve found the header.php (using filezilla) and I’m comparing it with the “view page source” info of the site I want to replicate (

    I can’t quite see what I need to do here. He is using Twenty Twelve.

    Would love some assistance

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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