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  • Having just completed a couple Twenty Ten child themes, I am wondering when WP core will render it unusable?
    I want to use it as a base for yet another very simple site, but hesitate as I don’t want to have to switch themes a year from now.

    As to TwentyEleven, I am confused by the comments that this theme is ‘a showcase of what WP can do’ and not to be used as is, and wasn’t made with the idea of child themes being made easily.’
    If that is the case, what is it’s purpose and why can’t WP produce a theme framework that uses the current up to the minute core functions?

    Just some rambling questions…

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  • I sort of asked about this a while back. Specifically I asked if people could now begin customising Twenty Ten now that Twenty Eleven was the default theme. The answer that came back was a categorical “No” – which implies that there is an intent to continue to support, and update, Twenty Ten for the foreseeable future.

    As to TwentyEleven, I am confused by the comments that this theme is ‘a showcase of what WP can do’

    That was also what Twenty Ten was meant to do. Instead of just creating a default theme, the code was heavily documented so that developers could draw and learn from it. As I see it Twenty Eleven just continues that approach. Also, Twenty Eleven is just a child-theme friendly as Twenty Ten was (if not more so), so I don’t see any embargo on creating child themes myself.

    There was decision a while ago to refuse clones of Twenty Ten in the Theme Repo unless they added some distinct extra functionality. There’s also the issue that the Theme Repo, at present, cannot fully support child themes. Perhaps it was comments about this that you saw?

    Hard to say where I read it, as I do visit these forums everyday mostly and read other wp centric blogs.
    As to Twentyten, I guess i will use it (a child of course) for the next project I have, as I understand it pretty well for my needs at this point.

    I haven’t dived into Twenty Eleven yet, as I really don’t like the looks of it at all, so much would have to change for me to want to use it I am thinking about a way to get the functions of twenty eleven into a different theme look, but that is another project a bit down the road yet.

    thanks ~

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