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  • Hi,
    I have been using twenty ten theme for my wordpress site I had added few sub-pages under parent pages. On main menu, these sub-pages appear as drop down menus under parent page menu title. This functions well in google chrome, firefox and IE 9. In IE 6, sub menus are not displayed. Kindly help to fix it.

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  • IE6 is now ten years old and is no longer supported by MS or by the vast majority of web designers.

    I know but cant help if some people have failed to update. I am using IE 9 and came to know about this problem through few patients who were elderly (my site is about neurological diseases). Hope someone in this forum would come up with a solution.

    I found this plugin in WordPress plugin directory -IE6 Support for Twenty Ten Theme. Hope this works.

    Here is a thought:

    Display a BIG NOTICE for all IE 6 user who comes to your site (saying UPGRADE your browser or better yet use Google Chrome) if they want to see the site without errors.

    Also put a Read More link that takes them to a simple page explaining why they should upgrade… (I am pretty sure there are plenty of sites out there that does this)

    How far back should the backward compatability goes?? Come on if Microsoft, the company that created the product, has dropped support… third party developers should too.

    You are right Smub. I will do that.

    I know but cant help if some people have failed to update.

    That’s a problem most of us have. But to save on sanity (and considering the fact that Microsoft is already previewing IE10), the majority of us have stopped supporting IE6 altogether. Microsoft encourages updates, and future versions of WordPress will stop testing for the old system pretty soon, too.

    So while my first recommendation would be to advise these patients to update to IE8 (which works fine on Windows XP and is, in fact, the browser recommended by Microsoft, I recognize that might be impossible for some of your users.

    But please also understand that the developers of TwentyTen aren’t going to go back and build out support for IE6. Your safest bet would be to create a child theme for TwentyTen that uses conditional comments to load an additional stylesheet for IE6.

    You can probably track down the lines of CSS causing problems for IE6, then just override/remove them in your conditional stylesheet to make things work in that browser. Just remember that you’ll never get the IE6-compatible version to look/function exactly the same as the normal version.

    There’s a good tutorial on IE conditional stylesheets here.

    And here is the “Universal Internet Explorer 6 Stylesheet” that might solve some problems, too.

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    May I suggest:

    IE6 was dropped from support by WordPress in the 3.x branch, and they won’t be going back.

    There are non-profit organisations who can help the disabled or the elderly with these kinds of computer-related problems. If it was my site, I’d search out a few of these groups/charities and provide contact details for them on the site. That way you can at least offer some help to those who need to upgrade their systems.

    Thanks all for quick and useful comments. As of now, I have installed this plugin IE6 Support for Twenty Ten Theme . I would add a suggestion to upgrade on my home page.

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