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  • I am running Twenty Ten and since they updated it there are image resizing issues. It will not allow me to manually resize. It says it does but the image always reverts back to original size no matter what the sizing editor says. The only way to now adjust image size is to manually resize every image and then upload…..but you can’t do this with url images. It’s an onerous process when you have hundreds of posts. Any way to fix this bug. It only started in last week or so……you must’ve switched something when you updated it 🙁

    Wanderlust Women Travel

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  • Michael


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    #content img {
    	margin: 0;
    	height: auto;
    	max-width: 640px;
    	width: auto;

    removing width: auto; from the above style in style.css seems to be solving the problem.

    i also remember reading something that this line was meant to be a fix for some rare IE8 problems (?)

    Thanks for posting this. We ran into the same issue right after upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1 using Twenty Ten.

    I just removed
    width: auto;

    and it’s didn’t do anything 🙁
    Any other ideas – I’m going crazy and may have to change this theme which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    i just checked your site, and the image is aligned nicely with the caption.

    often the browser (cache) holds on to ‘old’ styles; you may need to clear the cache by pressing ‘ctrl f5’ simultaniously; or by using the ‘reload’ button on the browser.

    You read my mind – I did clear the cache before seeing your msg and it did work. Yeah! I love this theme too much to change again! 🙂

    I had the same problem…. and was able to fix it, as suggested, by removing the two autos for width and height…..

    BUT I was not able to do this the way I would like to, by pasting

    #content img {
    	margin: 0;
    	max-width: 640px;

    into the twentyten child theme I am developing. It only worked if I went into the original twentyten files and took the two lines out. Does anyone know how I might go about this so that I can have this correction in the child theme and ensure it doesn’t revert in future updates?

    This bug has reared its head again and is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was the theme recently updated and do I have to change the coding for width and height AGAIN? This is ridiculous. I love this theme but each time you change it the same bug arises. SInce the changes are never noticeable to the naked eye whatever are you changing and please advise as to how I can now fix this issue.

    Here’s an example.



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    Don’t edit the Twenty Ten theme! Your changes will be over-written the next time you upgrade WordPress or the theme. For this reason, it is recommended that you consider creating a child theme for your customisations.

    thanks @esmi…. my question is what code to put in the child theme… refer to my question just above.

    Same here… just updated to 3.0.5 using Twenty ten and the bug is back as my modification in style.css has been overwriten. I would really be glad to have the solution to modify the child theme instead.

    I’ve about had it with this theme, as much as I like its versatility.
    Each time they upgrade nothing changes so why do they insist on fixing something that isn’t broken. It’s a HUGE headache.

    Without a theme WordPress wouldn’t work – so it’s a bit like editing a core file, which of course you should never do…

    they give an example of a child theme on the page esmi linked to:

    Theme Name: Twenty Ten Child
    Description: Child theme for the Twenty Ten theme
    Author: Your name here
    Template: twentyten
    @import url("../twentyten/style.css");
    #site-title a {
        color: #009900;

    now you have a choice, either copy and paste the entire style.css and amend, or import ala above, and adjust anything that needs changing.

    I already have style.css child theme. But what do you put in your child style.css to solve the bug ?

    #content img {
    	margin: 0;
    	max-width: 640px;}

    Removing width: auto; is not working in the child theme. Only in the original theme, right ?

    I’ve just tried various things and can’t remove that width:auto via CSS, so the only option is to copy the complete CSS and use that in your style.css of the child theme, minus the import of course.

    I’m new to WordPress (I was using Blogger before) and I think I’ve been having the same trouble as WanderlustWomen. No matter how I resize the images in the editor (whether manually or clicking the edit and reducing the size), they appear in the original Medium/Large sizes when previewed or posted.

    Here’s an example…

    1.) Winter Days Festival – Vermilion – January 15, 2011

    Notice how the Medium and Large sizes are dramatically different and side-by-side images aren’t even, even when I manually changed this in the editor.

    Are we saying that deleting “width: auto” and “height: auto” in the style.css will fix it or is it just a matter of having some code for the child theme?

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