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  • My first ever ‘real’ website (in WordPress or regular html) is looking great in Chrome, Safari, and IE (9 beta and 8). I like the Twenty Ten theme as it allows me to have two different, but complementary menus, on each page.

    However in Firefox 3.6.10 the Site Title appears not only where it should, but it also appears at the bottom of the right hand column where I have used a menu widget and search widget. which spoils the appearance!

    By viewing any page on my site I can identify the responsible code in lines 217-223 (copied to Dreamweaver) which are as follows:

    <!-- #footer-widget-area -->
    			<!--  <div id="site-info">
    				<a href="" title="Mt. Diablo Branch 8, SIR Inc" rel="home">
    					Mt. Diablo Branch 8, SIR Inc
    				</a>   -->
    			</div><!-- #site-info -->

    By deleting this code on any one page the unwanted text is deleted, until the page is recreated. I don’t know where to look to delete anything else as I am not a programmer!

    I would appreciate knowing if this is a typical Firefox behavior, a bug in my Twenty Ten theme v1.1, or what?

    Thanks in advance for some helpful hints to clear this problem.

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  • The source of the problem is actually above that, in your footer. You appear to have tried to comment something out with <!–, but you did it incorrectly.

    Better to simply remove what you don’t want instead of commenting it out.

    Otto, thanks for your comment but I see I did not give a perfect definition of the problem. I did not change the code as you suggested! I found this code error exists on every page of the site, and I can cure the problem temporarily by editing each page, but with about 40 pages (so far) I don’t think that’s the right approach.

    I only found the problem yesterday. I use Chrome routinely and the format is perfect. A final test with Firefox showed the anomaly. I may have caused the damage when I replaced the footer text with a copyright statement, but I didn’t see the problem at the time.

    I’d really like to find the area where this code is generated and solve the problem at the source. Do you have an idea to help me there?

    Thanks again.

    The problem in the code is in your footer.php file. Maybe you didn’t edit it incorrectly but *somebody* did.

    As Otto said open footer.php and look around line 13 you have:

    <!-- </div><!-- #main -->

    The first <!-- is the problem just remove it and save the file.
    </div><!-- #main -->

    If you have ftp it is better working local and uploading, make a backup of the file first if you are unsure.

    The theme is based on the “Twenty Ten” theme, you could just download a new copy and compare the footer.php files with a simple text compare editor.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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