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  • The site in reference is
    I’m somewhat new to WordPress. I understand basically how it works, but I’m not a coder (so I can’t really make my own theme)… I’m dangerous enough to add/remove snippets of code… I have a web server and anytime a friend comes to me and asks for a simple website (like the one referenced above), I figure WordPress is the best option. It’s quick to setup and gives them a simple interface for updating it themselves.

    My problem lies with picking themes… or even editing the ones I have. Almost every single site I ever make is almost purely static, minus 1-2 pages that get updated with posts. For this site in particular, it has a contact page, location, schedule, about, and a home page where some posts are. Ultimately we’d like to have some Facebook integration where people can make comments on the workouts they did using their FB accounts (that’s another reason i chose WP… plugins).

    What’s the best method for choosing a theme? Are there any themes you suggest that are good for primarily static sites with 1-2 semi-dynamic pages (containing posts)?
    I’ve tried googling different searches for themes, but have come up short of something good. Most themes I’ve tried were either buggy, or lacked functionality needed, or had too much functionality and I didn’t know how to remove some functions.

    Any insight/guidance anyone can provide is appreciated.

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  • Hmmm… thats a really interesting question, not easy to answer. I can only speak for me, I build them by myself from scratch (working as graphic designer/webworker), so they really fits my needs. Guess every free theme, or premium theme can only be an agreement.

    I recommend you to search for premium themes, so you might get help from the theme author if you are in trouble. But before you start searching a theme make a plan/list of all important features you will need and assume that no theme will be perfect for that. Most features can be added through plugins, custom styling can be done with child themes.

    I guess, if I can’t make themes by myself, I would start my search here:

    But be clear of your aims…

    Thanks for the reply, egado.

    My background is in computers (Systems Administrator) which is why I’m comfortable enough playing with code. I’ve taken a class in C and I’ve written some VB scripts for work. I also know HTML and an rusty with CSS…
    Do you think it’d be worthwhile for me to make my own themes? Is it possible to get a ‘base theme’ (open source, of course) to use and modify it to my needs (if I take that route)?

    I don’t mind paying $40 for a good theme… I just don’t know about paying $40 for a theme and then finding out that it doesn’t do X function, or it does A, B, and C functions that I don’t need and I don’t know how to remove them, then relying on the author to get back to me to fix it. Know what I mean?

    I guess ultimately it’s new territory for me, and I don’t like being dependent on unfamiliar people with unfamiliar items in unfamiliar territory… I’d like to have some solid ground to stand on, I suppose, is my thought behind it.

    Not sure how actively these threads are read, but does anyone else possibly know of a theme that would match the needs I posted in the opening post?


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