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  • Hi all,

    I have a problem with the default theme twenty ten. I want to change the header image. I’ve googled a bit and realised that I am not the only one experiencing problem but I haven’t found the solution.

    So far I’ve tried:

    1) Dashboard -> appearence -> header -> upload image.
    No matter the size or name of the picture, it always appear blank (or rather a grey rectangle). I’ve tried with header images that work on another site (using atahualpa theme).
    I’ve tried upload from firefox and IE. I’ve also tried to look at the site usuing firefox and IE. (no picture).

    2) I deleated all default pictures in the header image folder in twenty ten theme folder. I then uploaded a couple of my owns. In the exact right size. Nothing changed.

    3) I installed the wp plug-in twenty ten header rotated. Nothing changed.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    This is the site in question:

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  • First off can you reset things up so you have a default Twenty ten, with images etc.

    the goto:

    and use the Restore Original header Image option.

    that should reset things back up.

    Now next can you tell me the dimensions of the image you were trying to use?

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for answering.

    I can’t follow your url, were is it going?

    I tried uploading images of many different dimensions, including exactly 940 x 198 pixels since it at the dashboard said “Images of exactly 940 × 198 pixels will be used as-is.“.

    I’ve deleated the default pics (from the folder) so restore original header image isn’t doing anything. Can of course download them again but how will that help?


    to your custom header page for the theme.

    What I’m asking you to do is reset the theme so we can start afresh and ensure anything you tried doesn’t interfere with anything.

    Aha, it was a link to my dashboard.


    I have now

    1) Pressed “restore original header image” in said dashboard about five times (I assume that is what you refer to when you write reset the theme, if not please let me know what action I should take).

    2) Deleated my header images. So now the folder domains/ is totally empty (I deleated the default pictures earlier).

    3) Deactivaded the plugin I installed (not that that had anything to do with the problem since I installed it afterwards and not installed it on another site that have the same problem).

    What do I do next?

    In addition to the three steps in my previous post

    4) I’ve uploaded one of twenty ten original default pictures to the header folder. This picture now displays perfectly.

    So back to the question: how do I get my own picture into the header of twenty ten?

    I’ve tried pictures of the right size
    I’ve tried pictures of the wrong size
    I’ve tried pictures that work in other themes
    I’ve tried firefox and IE
    I’ve tried uploading pictures from the wordpress dashboard
    I’ve tried uploading pictures in the right folder.

    All I get is blank.

    PROBLEM SOLVED (sort of)

    As far as I see it, something is wrong with the twenty ten upload header-image function. But this is a description how I got around it.

    1) Cut and rezise your header pictures into exactly the same size as the header image (default size 940 x 198 pixels).
    2) Give your pictue(s) the same name as twenty ten default pictures. (The picture at is called “berries” but isn’t the default berries-picture)
    3) Upload your picture into this folder /public_html/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/headers Replace the pictures with the same name (keep the thumbnails)
    4) In the dashboard, choose the thumbnail with the same name as your pictures (in my example berries).

    Still don’t understand why I had to take this rather long-winded detour and consider changing the theme. If anyone has found a shorter route, please let me know.

    Well because you keep jumping around and trying things I can’t help solve the original issue.

    But at least it is sorted for you, and thanks for posting how you solved it.

    Instead of deleting the header files, have a read up on creating child themes, these have the functions you need and may help!

    Introducing Thirty Ten, my guide to creating a Twenty Ten Child Theme

    Remove all default header images in a Twenty Ten Child Theme



    @rich ‘elfin’ Pedley
    Thanks for your effort and kind intention. Appreciated.
    Of course i posted “my solution”. If any of the people experiencing the same problem before me had posted their solution, it would have saved me a couple of hours of testing things.

    Thank you for your interesting links. Programming is a bit beyond my skills at the moment but I will keep it for future reference.



    I am getting that same problem. Just activated Twenty10 and the first thing I am trying is to upload a header. Cropped one in a photo editor to the right size, still no joy. It is a jpg. Will try a gif.



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    I am trying is to upload a header.

    are you using the ‘admin’ ‘appearance’ ‘header’ upload?
    any error messages?
    what is the result?
    what is not working in what way?

    link to your site?

    That is EXACTLY what happened to me. I just got a stupid grey rectangle (in the admin page, white space at the website), no error message, nothing.

    Thanks for all the advice in this thread. I got round the problem using surocharg’s solution.

    When I try to upload a custom header I get an error stating that WP will not accept because of security issues.



    WOOO! Thanks for the help surocharg.

    For myself it worked with your first step, to change the pixels to the default size.

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