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  • Hi,

    My version of Twenty Seventeen is reported in Google Search console as NOT mobile friendly using:

    I’ve uninstalled all plugins, deleted and reinstalled the theme and it did not fix anything. The error i’m getting is:

    Clickable elements too close together

    Content wider than screen

    I also tried installing a different theme. Twenty Sixteen. It passed. I’ve made no customization to the Twenty Seventeen theme. I’ve tested it with no plugins installed. It’s still reports the same error.

    Am I the only one with this problem or is the Twenty Seventeen not mobile friendly?

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  • Brian


    Mine seems to be ok. Sorry this doesn’t directly help with your problem but does mean that it is not a universal problem with the theme.

    I have the same problem. It works with mobile…. sometimes. Other times it loads an ugly layout that’s not remotely close to what it’s supposed to look like. It also does this on desktop browsers including Firefox, MS Edge, IE and Chrome. Clearing the page cache for ALL the pages sometimes fixes it. But the problem returns even when there have been no changes to the layout.

    Found the answer!

    If you have Jetpack installed, go to the Jetpack Settings, Appearance and turn off “Mobile Theme”. I’ve tested it on the browsers that were affected and it works.



    Yes, I have Jetpack mobile theme turned off and it works.

    My site with twenty seventeen theme is also not mobile friendly, with the same reasons given. Elements too close together and wider than screen.

    It appears fine on mobile devices, but something about the way Google’s spider loads it doesn’t work.

    @arkain and @rick1971

    Please post your test result here to try to the bottom of it. Mine passes Google’s Mobile Friendly test, though.

    I ran it again now, and it shows as mobile friendly now. Very odd. When I use Google webmaster tools to fetch and render the site as Google, the header image loads as more than the entire screen, and the home page only loads the header image and menu, not the additional sections below it. I’m wondering if Google has issues with the image settings perhaps. I noticed you don’t have a header image. Perhaps that is what was causing their spider some trouble.

    I just set up this site, so I’ll be curious to see if it displays in the Google index as mobile friendly or not.

    That’s odd indeed. It is difficult to say how Google Index deciphers a site with the header image, especially when we see different results in the “fetch and render as Google” in Google Webmaster Tools.

    Does anyone else have the header image rendering extra large in Google webmaster tools fetch and render? The page seems to get fetched properly, but the rendering is wrong. The header image is zoomed in with only a corner of it visible.

    Hi, I have/have had the exact same problems.

    1. Mobile friendly. I run two wordpress installations on one site (long story) both have twentyseventeen theme and both have same plugins. One wordpress installation passed the mobile friendly test, and the other didn’t. I find the culprit in the robots.txt file which referred to various WP folders that were only in the subfolder of the second installation. To cut a long story short, a new slimmed down robots.txt solved the problem and now whole site mobile friendly.

    2. Fetch and Render: I have the same problem as Rick1971. The image is all that gets fetched. I have tried turning off the infinity scrolling, but that didn’t help. Turning off static front page probably would help but I don’t want to do that. Am worried google won’t fetch any real content from my homepage…so guess I will have to try a new theme…unless anyone has a solution?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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