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  • This issue affects the the display of images on the front page of sites using the Twenty Seventeen theme, when viewed on the new iPadOS 13.1.

    The main image at the top of the front page is OK. However, all featured images of pages in the panels in sections down the front page are magnified (zoomed in) to the point where the image is unrecognizable.

    The same featured images on the respective individual pages display OK on that page.

    Example sites:

    I have tested this on multiple devices, across several sites. The only devices affected are those running iPadOS 13.1

    Twenty Seventeen front pages display OK on desktops, laptops, on iPads running earlier versions of iOS, and on iPhones with iOS 13.1 installed. But not on iPadOS 13.1.

    Any suggestions as to a possible cause, and ideas on how to remedy this issue, greatly appreciated.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Same issue on my site…

    Are either of you able to provide a screenshot(s) detailing the issue that you’re seeing? While I do have an iPad, unfortunately it is older and I can’t upgrade it to iPadOS 13.1

    If you have a screenshot, you can upload it using

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    Thanks Jarret.

    I have copied a ‘before and after’ doc here…..

    This is just one panel section. The same issue is repeated down the page with each section on the main page.


    Yup. That’s it.

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    Mmmmm…. another clue…..

    The same websites display just fine when using Chrome on iPads with iPadOS.

    So maybe an issue with Safari?


    Sure. Chrome uses the old non-parallax (mobile) scrolling view. Like Safari used to do and still does on iPhone.

    The new iPadOS Safari uses parallax scrolling and this switch somehow has consequences for the resolution. It could be a retina / pixels / points issue, but I don’t know how that stuff works.

    The scaling is way off though…

    Thanks for the additional information. Are any of these sites just running the default TwentySeventeen theme with no plugins active and the issue still exists?

    The only reason I ask is that some plugins or even hosting environments for that matter could possibly be interfering with how the images are being displayed. If we can confirm that the images are incorrect on a plain TwentySeventeen theme with no plugins installed, I’ll create a trac ticket for the theme to have the issue investigated further.

    Excuse me!

    No I don’t see the parallax anymore on my iPad. Maybe I was dreaming…

    The scaling is still wrong though.

    I’m using a couple of plugins & tweaks so I can’t help you there.


    Following up on the comment about parallax, I went into the theme’s style.css and commented out line 3760, and sure enough, the problem goes away.

    You can also demonstrate resolution by using iPadOS’ Safari request mobile site feature, which also retrieves a non-parallaxed version of the theme.

    I did this in a staging environment; if you need me to wipe the plugins away to add this to trac, I am happy to, however, I wonder if there’s a way to turn off parallax for iPadOS fetches of the theme.

    Here’s the code I commented out.

    /* With panel images 100% of the screen height, we’re going to fix the background image where supported to create a parallax-like effect.
    .background-fixed .panel-image {
    background-attachment: fixed;

    Hope this helps troubleshoot – I am having the exact same issue as everyone else.

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    Here is a ‘clean’ WP Twenty Seventeen site….

    I have changed one of the featured images from the default theme.

    Same zoomed images on Safari on iPadOS.

    (Same host as the other sites – Bluehost.)


    Yup. For the record, parallax scrolling only happens over the first image.

    Thank you both for the additional information. I created a trac ticket for the issue here:

    Not sure if either of you are familiar with Trac tickets or not but hopefully that report gets to the right people to have this investigated further.

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    Thanks Jarret.

    I am not familiar with the Trac tickets, but I do hope that the right people are able to assist in resolving this issue.

    I can confirm that disabling the Safari setting to ‘Request Desktop Website’ in iPadOS settings displays the images at the correct magnification, but without the parallax effect. (ie the mobile version of the site).

    I have updated my notes on the issue at:


    Same here. I temporarily solved the problem is way:

    @media only screen 
    and (min-device-width : 768px) 
    and (max-device-width : 1024px) {
    .background-fixed .panel-image {
    background-attachment: unset;

    Hopefully it’s getting fixed soon.

    Is there any problem on iPhone too?

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    Not a problem on iPhones, because they load the ‘mobile’ version of the site. The images aren’t magnified, but they scroll without the parallax effect. Ditto for Chrome on iPadOS.

    This can be replicated in Safari on iPadOS. Touch the AA icon in the URL bar and choose ‘Request Mobile Site’.

    The images then load at the correct magnification, but without the parallax scrolling effect.

    The same mobile site view can be achieved more permanently in iPadOS Safari settings by turning off the default ‘Request Desktop Website’ option.

    Not hopeful for a quick fix – I am starting to look around for another theme, with similar look and feel as Twenty Seventeen, but without the magnified image issue.

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