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  • How do you automatically get excerpts that are the same word or character length inserted when you use “Press This” tool to capture posts? Press This has an excerpt box but I have to cut and paste it manually and then it doesn’t provide a link to read the entire post. Got to say now that Twenty Plus Lite is installed and functioning, it is easy and very nice. Still need footer background color. Thanks.

    If it’s set to excerpts, it takes a certain number of characters from the post and displays it. If you want to use manual excerpts, set the post option to full posts and it will display as Twenty Twelve would.

    Nice screenshots! It always looks like the Twenty (Ten/Eleven/Twelve) themes are the most user friendly, and are super speedy in regards to page load time.

    Thanks for sharing

    Zeaks, the Posts created by the “Press This” do automatically create excerpts on the post pages. But I am trying to figure out how to save the “Press This” post so that it takes the same excerpt that it creates for the post page with a link to the external original article on my front page/home page. Hey, I’m learning from you. Check out my change in I used your code also to for css edit to try and get the color between the content and the sidebar, but it made my sidebar the same color as the background for the page. Still trying though. Thanks.

    hmm, I’ve never used press this, I just tried it, but I don’t see how the excerpts are created.
    Feel free to use the contact link on my website and explain to me how you are creating your posts.



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    this ‘Your WordPress’ sub forum is not meant for troubleshooting questions – please start your own topic.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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