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    Twenty Fourteen is certainly installed at all of my WordPress sites, but it has recently (and I do not know when) stopped showing up at the Dashboards of my three newest sites. All sites are currently running WordPress 4.0.1, but the sites where Twenty Fourteen is visible have databases that existed even prior to prior to 3.8 or 3.9, as I recall. So, this seems to be an issue with Twenty Fourteen and whatever database updates have come along since the release of Twenty Fourteen…and I think it would be foolish of me to update WordPress to 4.1 prior to getting Twenty Fourteen showing.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

    PS: I tried taking a look at my databases in relation to , but doing that did not reveal anything I could decipher.

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  • Update: I updated one site to WordPress 4.1 to see whether Twenty Fourteen might show again, but it is still not visible at the Dashboard even though all the other Twenties continue to show as they should.



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    Hey leejosepho 🙂 – that’s weird. Did you look at the site files to see if twentyfourteen is in the themes folder?

    If so, what happens if you manually delete it and then install a new copy?

    Assume your sites aren’t actually using twentyfourteen?

    Yep, FileZilla solved the problem, but it would be nice to know what had happened. So, and since I run Twenty Twelve, I will leave Fourteen alone for now at the other two sites where it is not showing and maybe someone will come up with an idea or maybe another update will bring it back into view.



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    Does seem odd that it happened on more than one site. I’d be really puzzled if updating to 4.1 doesn’t fix it.

    I’d be really puzzled if updating to 4.1 doesn’t fix it.

    I had tried that at this first-of-three sites prior to FileZilla, so we are both puzzled. I will likely try the others in the morning.

    Well, we might be closer to solving this riddle. Updating to WordPress 4.1 did not restore Twenty Fourteen’s visibility at the Dashboard, so I broke the folder names for Twenty Twelve and my active Child Theme at one of the affected sites to see what would happen. It took a couple of browser refreshes to eventually get my site back in Twenty Fifteen, the new default theme, and then (via FTPS) I deleted Twenty Fifteen and ended up with nothing but a white screen no matter how many times I refreshed…and that surprised me quite a bit since I had always thought WordPress would automatically revert to whatever default or previously-default theme might be available. So, now I no longer keep all the Twenties at every site for that kind of hope-to-never-actually-need-it purpose.

    Returning to the matter at hand:

    The problem with Twenty Fourteen not being visible at the Dashboard came from the fact that its folder only contained one file named svn-aOe87e !

    I do not have even the first clue as to when or how that might have happened, but now I do know I do not really need to have any theme prior to Twenty Fifteen available anyway unless either using it or planning to use it.

    I had the same problem. 2014 was a literal black hole on my themes screen. But it all manifested when I updated to WP4.1. I have a MultiSite. 2 sites were using the 2014 theme.

    (I am having the similar issues with plugins now too. One or two at a time. File and folder missing errors. That is a different matter.)

    I won’t use 2014 again, period. Or the other WP themes, which I don’t care for anyway.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I have the file svn-aOe87e too – in the 2014 theme folder.

    I have the file svn-aOe87e too – in the 2014 theme folder.

    In my own case, that was the only file inside the Twenty Fourteen folder and I assume it was some kind of marker for an update download that mis-fired. Delete that folder manually and then you will be able to again install Twenty Fourteen at your Dashboard if you need it. But if you do not actually need it, there is no point in having it there since Twenty Fifteen is the new default theme for WordPress 4.1.

    You’re right, it is in the 2014 folder. I will just delete 2014?folder, I am not going to use it now. I have other stuff, plugins files missing too. Thank you for responding.


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