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[Resolved] Twenty Fourteen aka Parker

  • Argh! I *think* I might like the Parker theme for a nonprofit client, but there’s no documentation for things like how to create a Featured post, et al. Also, choosing Full Width Page from the Page Templates doesn’t seem to do anything different than Default.

    I usually prefer to start clients, particularly nonprofits, with very thin wallets with a base default WP theme and make any minor changes as a child based on that theme, if absolutely necessary. But it’s extremely difficult to determine if this theme would work for them — especially given their lack of technical savvy and basic fear of maintaining their own website — without some kind of documentation, either in the administration or elsewhere, on how to use the themes capabilities.

    Anyone know where I can find out how to make “featured” content in Twenty Fourteen/Parker? And have a front page that resembles something like the theme icon?

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  • Tag any three of your best posts with a “featured” tag then go to theme customizer and under the Featured Section set your options and save 🙂

    You can tag the posts anything and then use that tag to feature them.

    Unfortunately, you’ll also have to deactivate Jetpack to see those.

    Didn’t think of that – got caught out on a localhost.

    I should learn to test on live servers with Jetpack too 🙂

    Unfortunately, you’ll also have to deactivate Jetpack to see those.

    Why do you say that? Just curious.

    We tested this with Jetpack and they should work well together.

    See http://codex.wordpress.org/Twenty_Fourteen for a tutorial with images that show how to set up Featured Content.

    Many thanks for the help folks! I’ll have to hack the color scheme and center the theme content in a child theme and possibly create a new front page template, if I use it for these folks. I really like Twenty Twelve as a Parent Theme for clients on a tight budget who need something just flexible enough without a lot of customizing and maintenance. Alas, they want a feature slider but need soemthing very, very simple to manage and have already purchased a calendar plugin that is stretching their learning curve. (Of course, they’d also want blinking text if they could still have it…)

    Also, I appreciate the tip about Jetpack. Will now remember to not set up Jetpack for these people. They wouldn’t really use it anyway and having another account would only confuse them (we’re still working on the concepts of domain name registrar and web hosting service versus ISP and Gmail).

    To clarify: this theme works fine with Jetpack. If you are having issues, please explain so we can find out what’s happening. 🙂

    OK that was the wrong thread 🙂

    @lance Willett: Thank you for the link to the documentation. For some reason I was having no luck finding it on a search.

    I do like the Featured slider/grid and the extra menu in Twenty Fourteen. Will hack a Child Theme this weekend for the color and centering issues (and possibly the narrow content column; honestly, not everyone is using their mobile phone and that’s what responsive design is for anyway.)

    I can confirm that my blog doesn’t show any featured content while Jetpack is enabled. Disabling Jetpack results in featured content showing again. craftycode

    I did what rompelstompel did and can confirm what he is seeing.

    But then I enabled Jetpack again, and it still worked.

    So what you might have to do is to disable and then enable Jetpack to make featured content work with Jetpack.

    yes, reenabling jetpack seems to work. thanks.

    I’ve also seen this happening twice. However I can’t seem to get that behavior again. So in my case now disabling and re-enabling does not fix the problem.

    Also, any modifications to the featured content settings, like changing from grid to slider seemed to break it again

    Disabling and re-enabling Jetpack worked for me as well. Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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