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  • Apologies for what I am sure is a stupid question, but I have a query over the page widths. My website is and has been working with Twenty-Ten theme for past year. I publish a lot of HTML pages (as I cannot find a better way of converting spreadsheet data to display with correct formatting etc), and have always had issues with getting the html page to be thin enough to display correctly.

    I recenlty changed to twenty-twelve, and it has got worse – I think because the width has changed from 640 to 585 in the new theme (found here

    I think the answer may be around child themes, from some other info I have found, but my CSS/PhP knowledge is non-existent, and I am getting confused. I wonder if someone could help a simpleton with what he is trying to do.

    Here is an example of where I want the entire page displayed without having to scroll:-

    Majors – Hall of Fame

    I may be better using a different theme – if someone can suggest something with similar characteristics (i.e. photo on every page as header, widgets, etc) then I am more than happy to test it. I just cannot find one!

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  • So is the example what you want? If so, then why change themes? I’m confused about what you need.

    issues with getting the html page to be thin enough to display correctly.

    What do you mean by thin enough?

    You can change the width of almost any theme — yes, definitely use a child theme to do any modifications like that.

    The link to the “new theme” does not work, BTW.

    I have found that editing just the style.css file to adjust the site width was not enough. For example, I set the width from 1000px to 850px in twenty eleven. But, when I uploaded new header images for the slider they stayed on their original size, regardless of what width the site was set to.

    I had to go into the functions.php file and edit the width in there:

    // The height and width of your custom header.
    	// Add a filter to twentyeleven_header_image_width and twentyeleven_header_image_height to change these values.
    	define( 'HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH', apply_filters( 'twentyeleven_header_image_width', 850 ) );
    	define( 'HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT', apply_filters( 'twentyeleven_header_image_height', 250 ) );

    I know I might be unnecessarily complicating the issue for you but it’s worth keeping in mind if your having further width issues 🙂

    You can see mine test site based on twenty eleven at,

    I don’t want to change themes – unless I have to.

    All I want to do is to get the remaining 3.5 columns visible without having to scroll – as shown here:-

    Majors – Hall of Fame

    The other post was not a link to a theme – it was just showing where the I found the reduction in width size from twenty-ten to twenty-eleven –

    Got it — did not even see the scrollbar earlier — you are using an embedded iframe for that spreadsheet. You need to change the width of that page section which has a CSS class of .entry-content — but you’ll want to change the header section too .entry-header. Right now they are set to 68.9% of the page width so you can adjust that according to what you want on a given page.

    So create a child theme and then put this in the new stylesheet:

    .entry-header, .entry-content {
    width: XX%;

    Maybe try 80% and see how that looks/works.

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