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    I'm using the Twenty Eleven child theme and have a site where I want people to be able to post comments to armed forces. The form fields 'Name' and 'Email' are by default required for the comment to operate however I only want 'Name'.

    I've looked in comments.php and added my own code (see below) into there which doesn't have 'Email' and has the required line taken out of 'Name' but I still get taken to a page which states I need both to be able to comment. Any suggestions?

    $comment_args = array(
    'fields' => apply_filters(
    'comment_form_default_fields', array(
    'author' => '<p class="comment-form-author">' .
    '<label for="author">' . __( 'Your Name' ) . '</label> ' .
    '<input id="author" name="author" type="text" value="' .
    esc_attr( $commenter['comment_author'] ) . '" size="30"' . $aria_req . ' />' .
    '</p><!-- #form-section-author .form-section -->',
    'url' => ''
    'comment_field' => '<p class="comment-form-comment">' .
    '<label for="comment">' . __( 'Let us know what you have to say:' ) . '</label>' .
    '<textarea id="comment" name="comment" cols="45" rows="8" aria-required="true"></textarea>' .
    '</p><!-- #form-section-comment .form-section -->',
    'comment_notes_after' => '',
    'title_reply' => 'Please Post Your Comments & Reviews'
    comment_form( $comment_args );

    Oh and also hen posting the above code into comments.php I get two forms being generated. However there is no other code in there which relates to the comment form. Little bit confused.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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