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  • I noticed the css is messed up and I have fixed it a bit to fit the screen correctly but I have also noticed that when viewing it on my android device there is a small gap to the right of the content that will not fit on the screen when in portrait view.

    you can see my site at to see what I have done and I recommend you check it out on an android device to see what I’m talking about. You’ll notice you have some room to scroll the screen to the right.

    it would be nice to clean up the css for this standard theme to automatically fit views perfectly so I don’t have to mess with the css all the time when installing new WP installs.

    please email me for more info @
    [email moderated]
    Thank you

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  • Michael


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    the forum does not provide email support

    please don’t edit Twenty Eleven directly – create a child theme to make the edits there.
    it is important to have an unedited default theme (which is Twenty eleven in wp3.2) in case of serious problems. also, a child theme will prevent that the customisations are lost with the next upgrade of your wordpress version.

    once you have a child theme working, someone might be able to check your problem and might be able to suggest a solution.

    Well first thing’s first, thank you for your suggestion and attempt at support but I am not interested. This is just a heads up for whomever is responsible for creating this standard theme. There’s always a standard theme in the WP download, so not to bust your bubble, but I don’t care about whether im directly editing what theme and whatnot because there’s always backup themes at my fingertips. I don’t know where you got that this is an attempt at getting help. This is just a “hey I found a bug” post and “you might want to fix this janky hiccup”.

    Anyhow thanks anyways but your help and support is not needed. If you want to help then tell someone that cares to fix the default theme’s css. I only put my email if anyone wanted to not be some creepy forum haunter and work with me directly on this. But like I said, thanks anyways broseph. And if you don’t deal directly with the coding and distribution of this CSS markup code when it comes with the install then this post was NOT meant for you.

    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂




    You Don’t know how long I’ve wanted to say that…don’t judge, just help.

    Did you ever find a fix? I experience a similar issue using a android and a different theme from iThemes. Except the gap is horizontal between a header image and the nav right below it. It doesn’t show up on computer based FF, IE, or Chrome.

    Good on ya’.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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