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  • I am new to Word Press and am developing some simple one page landing sites for my clients. I am a graphic designer.

    I am using the Twenty Eleven theme and have several issues to solve:

    1) I am hiding the site title under theme options and uploading my own art for the header. There is a thin grey line above my file on the header. How do I remove?

    2) How do I remove the search bar from the menu area?

    3) I’m using the Showcase template, how do I remove “Recent Posts” from the bottom?

    4) Inserted photos and tables show with a thin grey line around them. How do I remove?

    5) Is there a simple way to change the background color of the page to something other than white or black? In Twenty Ten in the style.css wrapper the color could be changed. I don’t see that in this one.

    Thanks for any help you can offer. The site I’m referreing to is


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  • #branding {border-top: 0;} would remove the border in the header.
    #branding .only-search #s {display: none;} will hide the search, or you could remove it from the header.php file.

    I haven’t used the showcase template yet and I’m not sure if you just want to remove where it says “Recent Posts” but this would hide that
    h1.showcase-heading {display:none;} If you want to remove the feature, then you’d have to edit showcase.php probably line 152-205 but I haven’t tested that.

    To remove the border around images try this

    img[class*="align"], img[class*="wp-image-"], #content .gallery .gallery-icon img {
        border: 0;

    This is assuming you’re using a child theme.

    Thanks so much! Your info worked for the line at the top, removing the search bar and hiding the “Recent Posts” text. I have been searching for answers to this.

    I tried the code for removing the border around images but that didn’t work. Not sure if I was doing that incorrectly, but it removed all the white background from the page area and left a wide white border under my header. Is there another way?

    Do you know how to change the background color to something other than white or black?

    You have been a life saver! The first three questions solved were the most important.

    What I’ve been doing is ftp to the server, copying the default Twenty Eleven theme to my computer, renaming it and then copying that back to the server and making changes to that theme, not the default one. Is that ok?



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    5) Is there a simple way to change the background color of the page to something other than white or black?

    in twenty eleven, this general div has the css id #page

    Ok the border removal suggestion worked too! I was just in the wrong place before. Thanks!

    I found the #page and it worked for changing the background color. But at the bottom in the footer area it still remains white. Do you know where that color is located? I tried one area but it didn’t work. Thanks for your help!


    I’m using Twenty Eleven – I tried adding the above code #branding .only-search #s {display: none;} to hide the search box in the header but it didn’t work – any tips on entering this, i.e. where and how exactly in the stylesheet?

    Many thanks

    That exact code is already in the style.css under /* =Menu, /* Search Form */. Just change it to “none”.

    Hi TexasMouse,

    Thanks for this but can you be more explicit as this is new territory for me editing the style.css –

    Do I change the whole section under ‘search form’ to “none”? What do I delete/change exactly?

    Many thanks.

    In the style.css scroll down to the area that says /* Search Form*/ and a few lines below it will have the code: #branding .only-search #s {display: none;} Just change whatever value is currently after “display” to the word “none”.

    Thanks for the info alchymyth!

    The offending rule on the CSS for the top border is this one:

    /* =Header
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    #branding {
    	border-top: 2px solid #bbb;
    	padding-bottom: 10px;
    	position: relative;
    	z-index: 2;

    See that first command? It creates the freaking border. It shouldn’t be there when we’re using the image without showing the title.



    @zeaks you rock! thanks!

    I tried adding
    #branding {border-top: 0;}
    to style.css in my twentyeleven-child folder but nothing happened. Any idea why?



    Hello, I just started using Twenty Eleven and I’ve a very simple question. How can I change the colour of the thick line under my Header Image from the oppressive black to any other? For example, to the grey, as in posts? Or probably to the dark blue? I obviously should change something in my #branding section. How to remove a border I understood. Thank you.



    Oh, thanks. I managed to do it. Sorry:-)

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