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  • Sorry to bring this up yet again for the thirty thousandth time, but I just can’t get the header shortened on my Twenty-Eleven theme. I’ve spent hours upon hours searching this site, trying everything listed, Googling, trying solutions from blogs and tutorials. Nothing works. Every instruction seems to be missing a key bit of code that I need, or that tiny bit of extra instruction that a rank amateur such as myself needs.

    Does it matter that my header has no image, only text? I turned off the image option in the Dashboard, and only have text. Could it be that the Header_Image settings don’t apply because there IS NO IMAGE?

    I have a child theme, and have made successful modifications to other aspects in the CSS. I created a new functions.php file and started it off with the requisite <?php (that was missing from some of the solutions). I eventually got that file so fouled up that it would just turn white, so I’ve trashed it and am willing to start over with a new functions.php file.

    I just installed the WP update that’s supposed to make this possible with no coding. NO luck. I found the parts of the function.php mentioned in the Codex and tried changing the height in the theme’s file, no luck again.

    Anybody? If you do have a solution, please tell me EVERYTHING I need to include – opening and closing tags, etc. I have no knowledge of coding to fill in any gaps.

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  • Michael


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    Could it be that the Header_Image settings don’t apply because there IS NO IMAGE?


    you are possibly looking at reducing margins and padding in the header area;

    try and work with a tool such as Firebug to investigate which styles to edit.

    without a link to your site, nobody will be able to make any purposeful suggestions.

    With WP3.4 you do not need to modify the functions.php file, just upload an image with a height less than 288px but equal too or larger than 1000px width (or it will not be able to ‘crop’ it) and then use the crop function if you desire (note: the default crop mechanism is far from ‘best’) to make it have even less height

    See this in action here and here with some css3 stuff (and more to come).

    Thanks for trying to help, but this isn’t what I need.

    Alchymyth, I did check out Firebug, and it looks like a really useful tool if I had the time to learn it now, but I’m facing a deadline.

    SwansonPhotos, you missed my point – I don’t have an image to crop. I just want to change the white space at the top that holds my site title. Maybe I need to search for changing margins and padding, as Alchymyth suggests. I’ll give that a go.

    I don’t have an image to crop.

    Please be clear on what this means…What method are you using to create a header image?

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