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  • I’ve slightly modified the Twenty Eleven Theme for my startup consultancy business.

    If you notice in the header section I have a description beside a logo (I kept the title but hid it). The description is wrapping, but there is lots of realestate left on the page… I am using a child theme and I believe the space where the search box was (top right) is right padding my description field and causing it to wrap.

    I’d like to do the following:

    1. Stop the words wrapping or alternatively forcing a line break in the description so it wraps after ‘excellence in’… Then I’ll center it with the CSS tag. Either way I believe I need to remove the padding to the right!

    2. Make the description words at the top ‘Excellence in…’ the same size and font as the page titles in the content section below.

    Any help would be appreciated!



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  • I’m not seeing it wrap. What size screen are you using?

    Sorry that was a rookie mistake. My post should have been clearer. If I make the letters the same size as the words at the top of each page then it will wrap.

    I’ll change the size now so it should be clearer.


    Ok so I’ve changed the size up and see it now wraps. It’s not quite the size of the wording: what we do below.

    Once the font is corrected I’m not sure if it would fit on one page. If it does wrap then I’d like it to be in line with the logo and wrapped on two even lines

    So like:
    Excellence in
    Ecommerce & ERP

    Hope that makes more sense.


    Line 526 in your css. Your right margin has 276px. So while visually it looks like you got a lot of space, code wise you don’t, Shrink down the margin.

    Ah thank you, I changed the child CSS to margin-left and messed it up.

    Thanks for that… Looks much better now.

    So next question how do I get the text to match the “what we do” “Bio” page titles. So same font and same size?



    Font Size 36px

    Ace… that’s cracked it.




    How can I stop wrapping header title to bring title into one line in my site? Any help will be appreciated.




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    Starting your own thread is the first step.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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