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  • I’m having a problem with the Twenty Eleven theme. I don’t know how to describe it other than the, white background that goes behind the main text and sidebar by default has somehow gone away while I’m building my site. Leaving behind the grey that you can normally only see on the very sides of the screen. I am very limited in my coding experience and can’t seem to find a solution to this problem or how it arose in the first place. Thanks.

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  • What were you doing when this occurred?

    Theme edits?

    Install any plugins?


    Theme edits

    I’ll assume that answers your question!

    First up, never edit the twentyeleven theme. A child theme is necessary.

    That’ll save you a load of time and heartache. Best thing to do if you’ve edited twentyeleven is to get a fresh clean install of it in place, create your child theme, and then get going with your edits

    Other than that, do you know what edits you made? It’s hard to tell you what went wrong if you were editing the theme

    I tinkered around with “styles.css”. I will look into the Child Theme, but I’m still hoping someone can solve my issue. Thanks voodoo.

    The way to solve your issue would be to restore twentyeleven back to it’s original configuration.

    If all you’ve done is tinker with style.css, you just need to download WP here

    Unzip it on your computer, and open style.css with a text editor. Copy the code from the fresh twentyeleven to your live one, and you are good.

    Unless you know exactly what you did to style.css, it’s hard to guess at what to fix. The above route is a sure fix is an article I wrote a bit ago regarding child themes as well

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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