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  • I’m a relative newbie to WordPress so be gentle.

    I’m using Twenty Eleven v1.3 and am using 9 custom images in the header appearance. These 9 images are random. Now, I’ve created a child theme (twentyeleven-child) and activated it. I add those same identical 9 images to the child theme and also specify random. So far, everything is fine. The images appear on the child theme in a random order depending on what page is loaded.

    Now, if I go back and re-activate the Twenty Eleven theme, the custom images are gone from it completely. I have to reload them again.

    So it seems that the custom images I’m using can be utilized in either Twenty Eleven or the twentyeleven-child that I’ve created but not both. Although why adding them to one theme removes them from the other is a mystery to me.

    Ideally, I’d like both Twenty Eleven and the twentyeleven-child to both utilize the identical same images.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Is this a case of cockpit error? Or should both themes be able to use the same images as custom header images. It’s important to me since I like to make my changes in the child theme and then switch back and forth between themes to make sure only the changes I’m making show up and the original Twenty Eleven theme remains fairly stock.

    Thanks for you time and help!

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  • I don’t mean to exclude the above question but I have a separate question and dah don’t know how to open a new forum so I will go ahead and ask the question (if you can tell me how to open a new forum please reply).

    My question is it possible to change the header image on the home page to a slider like is on the Business Lite theme?



    @shermiesdad did you get your question answered? I too have the same question. But mine has the variation that I added custom header images from the media lib. and when I activated the child theme then these were no longer recognized by the theme, is there a easy way to get them back, in the child theme?



    @hugh, no. No specific answers. I’ve not really worried about it too much. I’ve just gone ahead and re-chosen the appropriate photos when I switch themes. And mine are also located in the media lib. Most of my work is now done in the child theme anyway so for me, it really isn’t much of a problem anymore.

    Hello Hugh and Shermiesdad,

    Is this question still unanswered?

    I’m also trying avoid the hassle of having to manually reload a dozen images for the header every single time one or the other themes is activated. Part of the issue I’m hoping to also address is the apparent behavior when doing this tedious procedure, and by that I mean, the “original” image when included for the pool of header images appears to actually get copied and thus when this procedure is done multiple times, we end up with pointless additional copies.

    If I figure something out, I’ll share 🙂

    Thanks very much for any others who know the answer and care to share it with the community.



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    Sorry Kelly, the discussion has ended and you’ll have to create your own thread for support with your own issues. If necessary, you can link to this thread.

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