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  • What is the class or id of the light blue far left, far right, absolute top and absolute bottom sections of the 20-11 style.css?

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  • I am not clear about what you are asking, but i you can check that yourself by doing inspect element in your browser. this will show the related class or id.

    Yes, FireBug, I tried that. Nothing relevant appeared – there’s nothing to click and highlight.

    There’s a band of light blue about 90px or so at the absolute right and left of the window, that continues at the top and bottom about 20px or so, framing all of the content, including the banner graphic.

    It’s either a margin or padding, and I don’t know which.



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    this is possible the body of the site;

    try to add a custom background under:

    dashboard – appearance – background

    or style:

    body { }

    Yes, it turns out it is the body {background: #e2e2e2}.

    However, I _did_ not understand how ‘adding’ a background color would tell me what that color was or which element was using it.

    So what I did was install Color Detector, which displays the color hex code or the rgb values of whatever the cursor is on, and it showed #E2E2E2, so searching on that brought me to your suggested element, alchmyth.

    And now I do understand what you were suggesting: if I changed that to, say, green, and cleared the cache and reloaded, I can see that that band of color changes to a solid green.

    However, now what I need to understand or confirm is what is determining the width or height of its sections:

    For the left and right is it a reverse application of the #content id and the #secondary id’s values?

    And what is the element that is changing the content and secondary sections back to some value near absolute white?

    This is confusing because the css seems to prefer less than absolute values of white for the content background – I’d like to now why, and if there’s a codex doc or other reference for that – and it appears to use a less than absolute value of black for the titles and text, so I’d also like to understand that.

    Perhaps I need to make that last part another post?




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    try to use a browser tool such as Firebug to investigate the styles.

    catch up with the basics, for instance:

    alchymyth, thanks for your help. However, I’ve been using both of those resources and they haven’t been helping me understand the issue about what code is ‘covering’ the body background. It’s probably my unique attributes of conceptualization 😉 that aren’t clicking with those tools in terms of this issue.


    Thanks for reminding me of Firebug, not that I ‘needed’ reminding of it because I have it installed and have been using it.


    I just discovered a feature – probably by your reminder 😉 – that helps in exactly the way I needed: I had been focusing on the Style window/pane which, as I see it, is often not pointing directly at what I’m trying to evaluate.

    But, I found – news for me, and likely not for most others – that by clicking on or hovering over lines in the HTML window/pane, the relevant sections of the WP window are highlighted in blue or yellow.

    Now I just need to learn what’s exactly meant by those differentiations.

    Thanks again!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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