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  • Open you index.php and there you will find Post Meta. Well, your site isn’t opening here so that I can give you perfect solution. In index.php , you will find loop for your front page/home page. Find some thing like <?php wp_list_categoires(); ?> and add the code below that. It would look perfectly since you have added the CSS too.

    My blog is on and working.

    There is no <?php wp_list_categoires(); ?> in index.php.

    Im working on twenty eleven with child theme.



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    you seemed to have the coding in place.

    however, I would:
    in the coding of the social links,
    – try to change the divs to spans,
    – the css ids to css classes,
    – and edit the styles – no float, change to inline-block, adapt the margins; etc.

    for more detailed suggestions, you can paste the full code of the ‘entry-meta’ section into a pastebin and post the link to it here – HOW-TO

    Here are the PHP codes:

    And the CSS codes:

    I removed it from the blog so I can work on it. When its ok Ill publish it in my child theme.

    I added the php in content.php, at the end of “<footer class=”entry-meta”>”

    Please help me.

    sorry, not php codes, but the divs with its codes



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    suggested changes to the ‘social’ codes:

    corresponding suggested changes to the css:

    might need adaptation of margins…

    Ill take a look now!

    Youre the best dude. thanks so much.. be back soon to post my results…

    ow… something is wrong..
    take a look at the blog now. only 2 twiter share links and one under the other..

    any suggestions?

    oh.. ok… the code lines where duplicated. Now its fine..

    I have a question yet.

    How to push the share things to the right at the same line?



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    How to push the share things to the right at the same line?

    try these styles:

    for further tweaking, try to work with Firebug to see what needs to be changed, and check

    Thank You so much.

    Its perfect.

    Im reading some css tutorials here, trying to learn it.

    Thank You again dude. You’re the best.

    Hey, I have another question..

    What file do I edit to have the same “social share icons”, and in the same way (next to categories and permalinks) but now in the single post pages?

    Nevermind.. The file to be edited is the “content-single.php”, not the “single.php”.

    Problem solved.

    Thank You for the help with “spans” and “css”.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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