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    I created a new post yesterday, and after publishing it, my footer area seemed to have moved to the right side, and the white body background is now cut short mid-entry so that the rest of the current post and all subsequent posts are showing up only on top of the very back purple background. I have not changed any settings or plugins for weeks; I merely published a new post yesterday. Anyone know how to fix this so that my “Proudly Powered by WordPress” and my copyright are back at the bottom, and the white body background extends to the bottom? I did notice that when I deactivated my Blog Copyright (by BTE) plug-in, the entire white body background went away. Not sure if it’s a plug-in issue or a formatting issue. My website is:

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    Disable, then Re-enable your Theme (see if it works)

    Turn off plugins, see what happens.( one by one as it seems you have an idea of which plugin is causing an issue ) (see if it works)

    Revert to a backup, refresh theme, and try creating the post again

    See where you’re at then?

    Maybe someone else has something better.. But if you didn’t change anything.

    Those kinds of problems are often due to mark-up errors, so you could start by validating your site:

    In particular, missing, open, stray or extra tags are problematic.

    Thank you! I did some validating, and while some of my tags were problematic, it ended up being a coding issue: My copyright and Proudly Powered by WordPress were being directed to the footer of my sidebar instead of the bigger column. I’m not sure how it suddenly changed since I know nothing about coding and never go into it, but glad that it’s resolved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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