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  • Heya,

    I have a weird problem that’s driving me insane, and while I’m not 100% sure it’s Social’s fault (but I suspect that it’s either this or Twitter Tools), I was hoping someone could help me out or point me in the right direction.

    Here’s how my site is set up:

    I use Twitter Tools (and as a dependency, Social) to pull my tweets into the blog and social comments – I do not broadcast (even disabled the feature), because I have my Twitter linked to my FB, and posting automatically. I’m also pulling in posts from G+ (with Google+Blog) and Instagram (with Instagrate).

    I’ve set up WP to Twitter, because the posts I write to the blog are not broadcast otherwise, and I only need one category to be tweeted drom the blog.

    Here’s what happens: I post a tweet, it gets pulled in and a new post appears on the blog in the right category (I have a separate category for each source). 15-20 minutes later the pulled-in tweet gets tweeted again, with a link to the tweet post. This then gets pulled in from Twitter again, in a new post, which gets tweeted again… and again… basically one tweet gets reposted every 15-20 minutes.

    Now here’s tge weird part. At first I thought it was WP to Twitter, but my settings there are correct (I excluded all categories except the ones I do want posted), and the same thing happens with the Twitter Auto Publish plugin as well.

    Right now I have a working blog without the mechanism to tweet my actual blog posts (because everything else is aggregated fine).

    Anyone experienced thus before? Any clues as to why is this happening?


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  • At a guess, when Twitter Tools pulls in your Tweets, they’re spotted as new posts by the Twitter publishing tools, and they’re published by those tools (WP to Twitter or others) because they’re seen as new content to publish.

    Twitter Tools keeps track of what it’s pulled in so that it can avoid re-publishing that information, but other tools don’t necessarily have access to that information.

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