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  • Hi,

    Installed the ‘tweet-this’ plugin, all very easy to do. However, when you activate it and then go back to the blog, the whole site hangs and stops responding?

    Anyone the same and found a fix?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Same for me over at

    To debug this required an our of turning about 30 plugins on and off, whilst on phone to ISP, to find it.

    As soon as I clicked “Activate” it started a loop and rogue processes.

    Rectification needed the ISP to kill the processes and me to quickly de-activate.

    I am running latest version of WP with Analytics, CommentsLuv, AddThis, Google Maps, Apture, Feedsmith, WP Sticky/Print/Email/Comment Rating/Post Rating, Contact Form 7, TDO mini forms, Subscribe to comments, Similar Posts, SEO plugin etc.


    I have run into the same problem as well. I had Tweet This running on my site (and many of my clients) without any problem… then WONK! I looked on my error_log and found that I had been getting process errors for some time. Then it finally croaked my site. Had to do the trial and error de/activating thing til I found it.
    Must be another plugin its interfering with, because it’s working fine on my clients’ sites.. nothing in the error_log and things running smoothly… I’ll be removing it as a safety measure regardless.
    I don’t know if it has to do with anything, but at least today I cannot access the Tweet This author’s site….

    This seems to have happened to me as well. Immediately after upgrading to version 2.8.

    Which process do I need to tell my hosting company to kill?

    My error log doesn’t show anything?

    I’ve deactivated every other plugin. But when you try and deactivate Tweet This it just hangs. Can’t change Themes and can’t view the site.

    I had similar hanging problems. The plug-in seemed to work for a while, but then the Preview button stopped working while I was working on a new post. I decided to Publish it anyway, and then the whole blog froze (though other blogs on our WordPress MU 2.7 installation were OK). I attempted to deactivate the plug-in. That eventually timed out with a failure error… But then for whatever reason it and the symptoms disappeared, so maybe it did manage to deactivate. I have deleted Tweet This from our system.


    Tweet This kills my blog too. Actually, it totally killed one of my client sites about two weeks ago – which cost me and my server guy a good couple of hours of misery.

    Luckily we had a server backup from the day before. If we hadn’t, that would have been curtains for me as a WordPress designer.

    Is this just the way it is with ‘open source’? I’m getting bored of the ‘upgrade-fail-panic-fix-upgrade-fail-panic-fix-upgrade’ cycle I have no control over – other than to get out of the game completely, which I’m considering.

    Tweet This was working on one of my sites but after I updated another plugin (All in One SEO Pack) to 1.6.1, I got a 500 Internal Server Error. After my blog host disabled all my plugins and I started testing them one by one, it turned out that Tweet This was causing the Internal Server Error. The Tweet This developer’s site is down–maybe it is required for the plugin to work?

    However, even though the developer’s site is down, the Tweet This plugin is still working fine on another blog running on the same Web host. I have not updated All in One SEO Pack on that blog (still using 1.5.7). Installing the update to the All in One SEO Pack required an update to the MySQL database tables in the settings for the All in One SEO Pack. Perhaps this affected the Tweet This plugin?

    Hopefully the developer’s site comes back and we can find out what the problem is.

    looking quickly through the code, i guess i know what the issue is. The function tt_read_file(url) is running into a timeout, if “url” isn’t responding. I changed the url Service in tweet this Settings to because the default one obviously struggled with the function tt_read_file.

    I was wondering how you got to the settings page after activating Tweet This because as soon as I would do that, I’d get an Internal Server Error. Then I thought maybe it was because I tried to view the site after activating it. So I reinstalled the plugin, activated it, and was able to go to the Settings page. I intended to change the URL shortening service to see if it would help on my site, but I already had it set to a different one than the default setting. I had it set to use Tinyurl. Since I was able to get to that page with no problem, I tested going to other pages and Tweet This now seems to be working again. Perhaps Tinyurl had also gone down.

    In any case, everyone will need to change from the default url shortening service to something else because the default service depends on the developers site being up. Today, a new page is displayed at his site that says,”This Account Has Been Suspended
    Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.”.

    A dumb inefficient MySQL query on the home page cooked my server, and since is the default URL shortener everything was timing out. I stripped of URL lists and hit counters so it’s more like / TinyURL and less like I also released version 1.4 of the plugin a few minutes ago which improves the speed a lot. Tweet This has been getting more negative than positive feedback because of these glaring issues, but I’m hoping to turn this around now.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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