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  • My Website doesn’t have Tweet Blender working on it. It’s in the sidebar towards the bottom, underneath some other twitter widgets I’m testing. I wouldn’t be using the other ones, but Tweet Blender just stopped working.

    When I first put it in, I entered in multiple Twitter accounts. It was only showing tweets for one of those accounts, but that’s because the regular API wouldn’t return anything for the other accounts. I tried checking the “use alternate API” box to see if it would help, but I saw no change. I had also changed the box that allows replies and mentions to show to test things out, and then checked them again later. All this resulted in a bunch of mentions being shown that I didn’t want, and still none of the other accounts were being shown.

    So, I attempted to uncheck the cache box and delete the cached tweets. From then onwards, no matter what I check or uncheck, no tweets ever show up all. It has been this way for a few days now. I have never been below green levels in terms of API requests I have left.

    Any help would be lovely.

    In Status, it says:
    “Cache: no cached tweets found and caching is ON”

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