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    I have already left you a positive review and a 5-Star rating, so I do like your plugin. The things I’m going to bring up here, are a little more about making a good thing, better.

    1. Look at the Esponce QR Code Generator. I would like to see you utilize their API, to provide a much more diverse QR Code. I think the Esponce API is far superior to and way more dynamic than Google’s API. With Esponce, you could offer some amazing options, with the QR Code, you already display, specifically related to size, transparency and color.

    2. There really needs to be some control over the map size, in more than one way. The default map size, for the full-page view, should be a setting on the settings page. The map size, when using the “map-only” shortcode, should be a setting, defined in the shortcode. For instance, I may want my map to be a square, 500px by 500px on the full-page view, but I may only want a 200px by 200px square, if I use it in a sidebar or other widget.

    3. Space should not be reserved for information that is left out. For instance, I use all the Contact Information, from “NAME” all the way down to “FAX” but do not use the “ALT PHONE” option. So when this displays on the screen, there is a blank line between “PHONE” and “ALT PHONE” – this looks very odd, from a design aspect.

    4. FINALLY 😉 This is both a big deal and probably not such a big deal… depends on how you look at it… I would like to see support for multiple instances of your plugin, all from within the same settings page. I see this being a simple, “ADD LOCATION” button, at the bottom, to add another location, below the default. Each additional location should be accessible, via short code, by adding a 1, 2, 3 & so on, at the end of the shortcode. This would be very nice for businesses with multiple locations.

    This is my 2 cents (or 4 cents, as the case may be). I know this is all just one person’s opinion of another person’s plugin, but I think these 4 suggestions would drastically improve your plugin.

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  • OH… I forgot a couple more. I guess this is my 6 cents worth 😉

    5. The organization of days, in the Hours of Operation should be adjustable, or at the very least, based off the theme’s settings for “Week Starts On” so that Sunday can be at the top, or the bottom of the list.

    6. Remove and refrain from using deprecated HTML.

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    Thank you for your thorough feedback. I will try to implement as many of these things as possible into the next version.

    Plugin Author ExpertBusinessSearch


    I have implemented most of your suggestions in our 2.0 release.
    1) I have kept google’s QR API, as I am trying to avoid configuration bloat – there are other more advanced QR code plugins for users who wish to have a more fine-tuned QR code.

    2) Implemented.

    3) Implemented.

    4) We are working on multi-location and localisation

    5) With the major release out I will work on changing this, but it is low on my priorities.

    6) I am trying to stay compliant, if you notice anything obvious let me know. I am not so much worried about the settings page, so please don’t critique that html 🙂 But for customer-facing code, I agree.

    Your plugin is starting to show great improvements. Keep up the good work.

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