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    Here’s what i want to do. Actually I already did it, but I was wondering if it can be done better.
    I wanted to tweak the output of wp_get_archives() so that all the posts from a category would display the name of that category in front of their names, so they stand out in the list and can be easily noticed/ignored. The posts in that category are not real content. They are how-tos and even though i want them in the lists I want people to know they are apart from the rest of the posts.

    What I did was: created a function that checks if a particular post is in a particular category and I’ve put a hook in the ‘postbypost’ case of wp_get_archives(). If the post is in the category, the category name is written in <code style=”display: inline;”>$before just before the get_archives_link() function.

    My question: could this be done without changing the general-template.php so the change would still stand in wp-upgrades?

    If i make a modified copy of general-template.php and place it in my theme’s folder, will it be read instead of the one in wp-includes? Do I need to declare it somewhere?

    Just trying to learn here, so my tweaks become cleaner.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and the working example of the tweak is on (You have to hover on the “t” in the interactive menu on the right to display the modified list).

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  • I’d like this deleted. I’ve made some error and was not able to edit it. So I’ve posted it a second time, without the error.

    Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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