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    Is there a tutorial to setup youtube uploader? I can’t make it work. I tried with 2 small videos: a mov and a m4v but they both went in wp media list.

    In the Video Uploads settings page i found 3 textfields:

    1. API Dev App Key: i followed link to generate API Key, but it’s not clear wich type is needed; i created a key for browser application with “any referer allowed”. Is it ok or i need server key? Or Oauth 2.0?
    2. YouTube Username
    3. YouTube Password

    I’d like to upload videos to my customer Youtube channel but i created it with my google/youtube account like this:

    • Created a custom page on google+ for my customer with my personal google account (my customer doesn’t have a google account);
    • Gave authoring permissions of this page to the editor user of site and youtube channel
    • Opened a youtube channel connected to that google+ page
    • Now when i log in youtube i can see 2 channels clicking on my upper right icon: my channel and the one i created for my customer connected to that google+ page

    Wich username and password should i enter on Video Uploads settings page? I tried with my google/youtube account but it didn’t work (and i’m happy about that because i don’t want to keep my google username/password on my customer site).

    Thank you very much for your help. Very nice job.

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    Looks like you selected the correct api key type. OAuth is more for logging into your account rather than just accessing the api.

    Nick posted a useful tip in the support section regarding youtube channels here:

    It appears he got it to work by creating a user account for the channel and using those credentials.

    That said, I create google accounts for my clients if they don’t have one and set the api key in their account then use their credentials for the api request.


    Hi Ben.

    I created a custom google/youtube user for my client and i filled in the advanced file uploader settings page with google user/password but nothing appears on youtube channel; instead i can find my .mov file in my media.
    I think i have a problem with video detection that redirects to video service because i also can’t see my setting “Form Submit Text”; i see the normal “Uploading files please wait, may take up to 5 min” message when i submit the form.
    How can i debug that?

    Thank you for your help.

    PS: i posted another issue about file formats wrong check and maybe it could be related with this.

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    Can you check in the plugin directory for an error log. If there is one can you post the contents? If there are any youtube errors it should log them.



    Plugin Author ben.moody



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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