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  • I just wanted to post this, because I thought it might be helpful. I wrote a tutorial on how I create themes and/or integrate WordPress into existing templates. I started it yesterday and just finished it this morning – I was also wrestling with 2 sick infants while doing it, so I may have gotten a little frazzled here and there and glossed over some things. I tried re-reading it this morning and made a few edits to clarify stuff –

    but anyway, if anyone wants to read it and might find it useful:

    How to create a WordPress Template or Theme

    If anyone that has more knowledge of things than I do reads it and sees anything that you might think needs clarified or corrected, please feel free to tell me so I can make those changes.

    Anyway, like I said, this is how *I* do it, so it’s not the end-all on this subject, as there are lots of tutorials out there that say the same thing (and some probably better) but I felt like I should throw my hat in the ring and see if I could help someone 🙂

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  • I added a link to your tutorial here:

    Good job.

    I just have a good read, very quick, not intending to spot anything.

    Suggest you add a content at the front such that visitors can pick a section to go back to.

    My way to learn this was to pick a theme and find out which bits do what, naturally for lots of newbies like me WP default Kubrick theme that came with the box was our teacher. May be those running should consider putting a sample absolute minimium template in the download package with lots of comments for beginners.

    Thanks Michael 🙂 Glad it was informative enough to do that!

    sfong: That’s a good idea – You know, I could so do that. I think I will – might take a couple of days to get that up, but I could put up a zipped file with the “bare basics” as a “starter package” to go along with the article. I’m not part of the “team” so I can’t add it to the downloadble file, but I could definitely add it to the tutorial if it would help!

    doodlebee, keep up the good work. I have been wordpressing for nearly a year and have only just finished my first theme borrowing codes from “Kubrick”. If a bare minimum “code kit” is available with explanation as to which line does what and warning sign like “don’t forget get_sidebar()… here” etc that would certainly help the community.

    Next important thing would be styling, i.e. CSS file, there are few sites I have seen with tutorial on how to design template….your next project I guess, again my suggestion would be a bare minimum kit for beginners. It’s a kind of encouragement for newbies if you let them start walking before running too fast.

    Good job, keep it going.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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