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  • Most people thinks it’s is_user_logged_in but it’s not.

    Are you sure about that? For instance, the WordPress core uses is_user_logged_in to decide if a user is prompted with “Log in” or “Log out” prompt when a template uses the wp_loginout() tag.

    This is not correct: first of all the Visitor and Member greeting are mixed up. Secondly: a subscriber has user level 0.

    get_currentuserinfo() ;
      global $user_level;
      if ($user_level > 0) {
        echo "Welcome Contributor (or higher)"
      } else {
        echo "Welcome Visitor or Subscriber"

    I agree with MichaelH: stick to is_user_logged_in

    The above described function could be useful to see if someone is more then just an anonymous subscriber (aka a contributor of higher). I use this to allow people to disable ads when they contribute by writing articles (posts).

    global $userdata;
        if ($userdata->user_level > 0) {
          if(function_exists('get_cimyFieldValue')) {
            $value = get_cimyFieldValue($userdata->ID, 'FIELDNAME');
            if ($value == 'YES') { $ads = 'off'; }

    I’ve tried playing with these and can’t get them to do what I want

    In essence, what I’m trying to do is with the top of the sidebar, I want (plain language coding) –

    if (is_home()) OR if not a user
    ~ do this ~
    ~ this ~ (if user or not)

    I can get it to work with the is_home command() on it’s own, and I can get it to work with the !is_user_logged_in() on its own, but when I try to run the || (or) php in the middle of them I get a T_syntax (OR) php error and the sidebar fails to load.

    It’s starting to drive me nuts because I want the condition to simply be –
    If it’s the home page or it’s not a logged-in user (on any page or post), then show the sign up form

    Why is this so difficult?

    Can anyone help this grump old geezer?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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