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  • I’m pretty new to this whole blogging concept. I am not new to programming/design/develpment.

    I get the idea that there is a whole new jargon and terminology to learn here and that doesn’t intimidate me. However, I find the accompanying tutorial extremely hard to follow. Here’s an example:

    Suppose I select a category, let’s say “WordPress Lessons”. OK, there is a daunting display of selections, but let’s just begin with “WordPress for Beginners” and select the sub-category of “Introduction to Blogging”. Good, now I read the entire page of this introduction. One would think there would be a forward/backward navigation to go on to the next sub-category (as listed previously) of “First Steps With WordPress”, but there is no such navigation.

    I don’t know, guys and gals; this just is not a well organized tutorial. I find myself “wandering” off into advanced topics for which no groundwork has been laid. I just think it’s not a well designed tutorial.

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  • Good point. Maybe there should be that extra bit of navigation there or perhaps those articles should be tagged beginner, intermediate, expert? I’d volunteer to help with the tagging if the devs/mods think this is a good idea.

    I certainly don’t want to scare of this rare bird here who actually is trying to understand WP by reading up on it before slamming the forum with inane questions.

    I laud you for your efforts and I hope someone sees this thread who is in a position to implement changes so new folks don’t get lost.

    I wasn’t sure how this might be received, but I posted my observations anyway. This should have been a design issue and addressed way before this point in time. Now it will be a very difficult task to perform.

    A text book approach should have been the one used for a tutorial, and you’re correct in tagging the skill levels. Now the content of the tutorials and other parts of the site are so vast, I don’t see the required changes happening. It would be a herculean effort.

    The first step in designing a site does not require a keyboard and a mouse, but a tablet and a box of #2 pencils.

    Thank you, jonimueller.

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