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  • I’ve written a post with four photos. The first three appeared with text wrap with no problem. For the final photo, I wanted to turn the text wrap OFF so that I could list a series of names below a photo.

    I cannot find a way to stop text wrap from happening: I’ve read in the FAQ that if you select “middle” for alignment, this will solve the problem. IT DOESN’T. The photo, for some reason, remains left-justified even though I have deleted it, re-posted it and reselected “Middle.” Text continues to wrap around the pic.

    In the visual editor, the text DOES appear BELOW the photo. But when I publish, it does not. If I enter enough carriage returns to force the text below, it then publishes with white space between the bottom of the photo and the text.

    I have also read something in the FAQ about turning the visual editor off. This is not an option for me: if I can’t use the WYSIWYG editor, I have no use for WordPress because I don’t want to write posts solely in HTML.

    So is there any way to make a photo actually appear centered and WITHOUT text wrap?


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  • It’s going to be difficult to help without getting into the code. Not that you have to permanently turn off the VE, but at least tab over to the “code” for a minute, copy your code, and paste it in so we can see what’s up. It might be something simple you can correct just by fixing this one thing in code mode, but then going right back to the WYSIWIG editor.

    Okay, I have posted the HTML version of the entire post here:

    It is the bottom photo that I want to appear separately, centered, with the list of names below that, not to the left side.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Hey Patrick, I took your code and made a post out of it in my sandbox, and I think it’s doing what you want it to do. Have a look — maybe it’s your theme or some CSS that’s messing you up.

    I didn’t touch your code at all — just copied and pasted it in into a post using Kubrick (default) theme.

    After posting, I realized something else: the Kubrick theme has a pretty narrow center column. So I looked at the code again, and noticed something.

    Try putting your last image in <p> tags of it’s own, or put a <br /> tag before it and after (before the list of names).

    Basically, you need something in the code to separate it from the previous paragraph.

    The WYSIWYG editor is great for most stuff, but when you need to do detailed formatting, it doesn’t always cut it.

    i have the same problem!!

    I have solved the problem..

    before and after the image code.. Use
    and not <p>

    There is abutton called “code” when you write. Use it!


    sorry.. anyway, I tried to check my page again, I thought it was working but it wasn’t. (It only worked on one photo but did not with the rest of it).

    The text still won’t sit on its own line but rather continues to wrap around the text.

    Any ideas how to solve this?

    The keyword is: clear.
    You need to clear the floating. Google for it or search the forums.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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