Turning off MULTISITE and back on screwed something up (4 posts)

  1. davehprohoods
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Somebody here set MULTISITE to false and ran the site, then turned it back on and now the sites are in an infinite redirect loop, and we can't get into admin. I saw an error about wp_options table but I'm not sure what happened or where to look. I think something was changed in the database though I'm still seeing records for the multiple sites.

    Any idea what I need to change back in the tables to restore this?

  2. Delete all your browser cookies.

  3. Start with flushing all your cookies in your browser.

  4. davehprohoods
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I did that and it's still redirecting. I even tried it in a new browser Opera install. Something seems to be screwed up in the database or file level.

    Does running with MULTISITE false change wp db settings or files? Could this have overwritten network data or htaccess? All of the sub-sites data is there, but it seems the network data got screwed up.

    I'm pulling an old database backup but I'm not sure tables to look at.

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