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    How do I get rid of hyphenating in WP. WP hyphenates ANY word that ends up at the end of a line. It just plain looks weird.

    For instance it will hyphenate the word “some” at the end of sentence so it looks like this: so-

    Really is weird.

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  • on a page post or both?

    url, wordpress version and theme please

    just started happening or always happened?

    link to a page that show this


    Sphinx Sword


    In your CSS you can add this to elements, like the paragraphs:

    p {
      -moz-hyphens: none;
      -ms-hyphens: none;
      -webkit-hyphens: none;
      hyphens: none;

    I must say, I have never noticed this peculiar annoyance…

    SD – by default wordpress word-wraps so it is unusual to see it.

    Suspect the theme is doing something?

    SS – out of interest does your fix get WP to word-wrap, or simply take the hyphens out, leaving some looking like


    Sphinx Sword


    RW – The above CSS will word-wrap. I just saw this hyphen situation recently happen in WordPress. I think it is a part of their responsive theme upgrades. Some developers think it is better to have hyphens because they say it makes it easier to read when the screen size changes. I prefer no hyphens, but maybe there is another reason I don’t know about.

    Thanks SS – great info !

    Thank you very much for that code solution. I knew there must be a way to turn them off.

    @ Robin,
    The hyphens are showing up in posts only. I’ve seen it on other peoples blogs too. Because the hyphen breaks any word where it wants, it makes for some difficult and awkward reading.

    @ Robin,

    There are a ton of CSS files in WP!

    Do you know the name of the particular CSS file that controls the paragraph formatting for posts?

    Sphinx Sword


    In the dashboard sidebar, go to “Appearance”, then click on “Editor”. Scroll down to the bottom and on the right-hand side under “Styles” find “Stylesheet (style.css)”. That is the master style sheet. You may also find this CSS “hyphen:auto;”

    You’ll want to remove those.

    Just came across this, haven’t tested but it looks promising:

    p {
    -webkit-hyphens: auto;
    -moz-hyphens: auto;
    hyphens: auto;

    woops just realized Sphinx Sword had the same code up above

    Thanks, I wasn’t sure which CSS file to work on. In the (style.css) file I deleted that entire block of P coding in the example you show, along with the word wrap feature and the problem was fixed. Thank you very much. Now I understand how to get to the core code and quickly make changes.

    Edit- This is actually what I ended up doing.
    First I did as I stated above. Then I thought about it and restored the file to it’s original state. I then simply added the “none” attribute to the code like you advised. It worked great. I left the word wrap code alone.


    Again, Thank you SS 🙂 Yay! no more ugly hyphens!

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