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  • I have tried my best to find a solution on my own to no avail, so I’m now turning to the forum. I hope this is not a dumb question or one that’s been covered already…

    I am trying to develop a theme and I have several theme folders that at different levels of completion in my themes directory. I want to go back and review each stage by ‘activating’ it as a theme.

    So for example: I have different themes named theme_stage_1, theme_stage_2, etc… When I want to go back and work on and review theme_stage_1, I will go into my admin panel and activate theme_stage_1 as my current theme.

    Here’s the problem: WordPress is defaulting my theme to kubrick when I choose theme_stage_1 so I’m not seeing the primitive featureless theme I was hoping to see, but rather a fully functioning Kubrick theme.

    I’ve tried: deleting all the files in the ‘default’ theme directory (which is where Kubrick was). Then I deleted the ‘default’ directory itself. Then I tried adding:
    define(‘WP_DEFAULT_THEME’, ‘theme_stage_1’);
    to my wp-config.php file.

    Still, every time I fire up the site, I get the full kubrick theme. This is all on my localhost so I can’t provide a link URL, but hopefully someone can read this and understand what I’m saying.

    I’m trying to get my very primitive theme to display and NOT the fully featured Kubrick theme at all. This way I can do incremental testing as I learn how to make a wordpress theme.

    If you can help, I thank you in advance.

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  • esmi


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    If there is a serious error in the newly activated theme, WordPress will activate the default theme.

    esmi –

    I appreciate your response. Thank you. And I understand that a default theme is being kicked in.

    I’m asking, however, if you or anyone knows of a way to turn this default theme off. I want to see my theme that is primitive. It doesn’t have any serious errors, it just doesn’t have many features and is not that pretty. But technically, it’s fine.

    Please help me to understand how to root out and turn off this default theme so I can see my theme.

    Thank you.



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    There’s no way to turn this feature off. Even if you could, it wouldn’t help. Chances are you’d just get a blank screen. Try looking through your server’s error logs.

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