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    Normally a BuddyPress user is able to turn off notifications relating to Buddypress activity. I believe this also stops the emails Buddypress sends out. However there is not an option to turn off GamiPress notifications. How can a user turn off email notifications for GamiPress? I don’t have the BuddyPress tab activated, I only show the points count and badges at the top of the user profile.


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  • Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @demonboy

    Thank you so much for this report, actually GamiPress doesn’t includes settings for your users to deactivate those type of email notifications yet

    We have plans to release a solution in future updates in order to let your users manage this type of email notifications

    Best regards

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I think this is really important. I’m going live with my community this week and they’ll be receiving a lot of emails as they work their way through Buddy Press and bbpress. I know my users, they’ll want to turn off a lot of the instant notifications and I can see them getting very frustrated with their inbox being spammed with notifications from all three services (BP, bbp, gami). They can turn off bbp and BP, so it would be great if they could turn off gami too.

    Until your update, is there any code you could supply me with to add to functions.php to completely turn email updates off, just whilst I get my users up and running?

    BTW, I love your plugin. It’s really well written and thought out. It’s a lot of fun to use as admin and my beta users love it too. Keep up the great work.

    Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @demonboy

    You have some options:

    1) Deactivate all emails on the GamiPress -> Settings -> Emails, you can make it per element (for example, deactivate all points awards, or only achievements emails)

    2) Deactivate them by type (through the Emails By Type add-on that you can install from WordPress) and just leave some important types to email

    As I explained to you, we have plans on release a solution but not in the near future

    GamiPress is full of filters to let you or any developer extend it in the way you want

    We don’t offer support for customizations like that since our main focus is the development and maintenance of GamiPress and all official add-ons

    Anyway, any WordPress custom development agency or freelance can handle it for you

    If you don’t know one, we recommend to check our list of trusted experts that can estimate any type of job for you here:

    Best regards

    Hi @rubengc, thanks for getting back to me. I guess switching off points awards globally is a step in the right direction since these happen frequently. Keeping achievements switched on is good since they don’t happen so often. Thanks for getting back to me.

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