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  • Under the discussion settings, there is a box under the section “Other Comment Settings” labeled “Automatically close comments on articles older than”.

    I keep ticking the box so there is NO check mark. I want to have comments enabled for all of my posts.

    However, after a week or so it automatically gets checked and no one can leave a comment.

    I have even tried setting the days to a very high number but it still keeps getting reset to 28 days and the box being checked.

    How do I make it so this box if unchecked at all times?

    Thank you

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  • Same here. I’ve had this for over a year. I’ve resorted to checking my Discussion settings every. single. day. to check if the box is still off or has mysteriously marked itself “on”. Would love to have a solution to this.



    I have the same problem. I also check my Discussion settings every day. WORDPRESS please help us.

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