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  • i’m somewhat frustrated. for various reasons, nofollow will not stop comment spam, and it will ultimately play against the search engines who enable it. yet, WordPress 1.5 has it enabled by default, and offers no option to remove it.

    i’m using pingbacks to track related posts on my own blog. it is thus semantically incorrect to enable nofollow by default. is there a documented way or a plugin to turn it off yet?

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  • People are waiting for a plugin to turn it off. So for now you can’t turn it off.

    I personally like it but that’s just my opinion.

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    You should be able to easily deactivate it in the final release.

    “…people who can intelligently make a decision regarding nofollow have the flexibility to modify the behaviour without touching any core code.”

    I don’t think nofollow was ever purported to stop spam…. at least not immediately. It’s designed to prevent SEs from using that link as counting towards a page’s popularity, and eventualy removing the incentive for spammers to hit blogging sites. But there’s a catch. 1) It will take time before spammers catch on to what sites implement it – and hopefully stop hitting those sites and 2) if the SE doesn’t respect it, then it’s of no use. Fortunately Google is one of the proponents behind it. As for other SE’s only time will tell if they follow suit (I think Yahoo is implementing it too.).


    Any documentation anywhere? I don’t personally equate “intelligence” with the desire to read every line of code in a couple hundred files on a wild goose chase for the one line that adds rel=”nofollow” to the links. In fact, I’d call that rather unintelligent.

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    You could try this method.

    The problem with that solution is that you’re meddling with core files, so once you want to upgrade to 1.51… Well, it’ll be a hassle.

    Personally I can’t believe nofollow is default in 1.5, and I most certainly can’t believe that there’s no option for turning it off!

    Well, a good rule of thumb to avoid said problem, is to document what files you tweak, that way you know both (a) what files you’ve messed with and need to delte when upgrading and (b) what files to tweak again if need be.

    Somehow, I think I’m in the minority when it comes to this level of organization, though.

    I document, too, ceo. Nice long WordPad file stating exactly what I did, where I got plugins, what code I changed on which pages. Makes for happy days.

    There’s times when messing with core files will cause later problems when upgrading, but I don’t think this is one of them. The edits needed to turn off nofollow do not affect how weblog data is stored or manipulated, so that the worst that can happen upon upgrading or re-installing would be re-enabling nofollow.

    In the absence of a plugin or admin checkbox, this is pretty much the only way those of us who don’t choose to use it can disable it. For my part, when I edit core files, I comment out the lines I’m changing (rather than deleting them), along with a note saying what I changed, why and when, with my initials, so I can find my changes weeks or months later. If between now and the next upgrade someone writes a plugin to flip nofollow on and off, it will be a simple matter to undo my edits and activate the plugin instead.

    Thanks for the pointers.

    You can use a plugin I recently developed to strip nofollow tags from comments and comment author links.

    It actually prevents nofollow tag by unregistering a default plugin which does it. As for preventing nofollow in comment author link, it is forced to actually strip the nofollow after it has been added by a strangely named function. Interetingly there is no better way without modifying the core code in this case.

    This doesn’t modify any WordPress code. It has been well tested with WordPress 1.5.

    BTW: I too strongly believe that nofollow should be an option and for some bloggers who proactively monitor their blogs. We say no to “nofollow” –

    Lets hope the authors of WordPress add nofollow as an option to core code.

    the two above plugins do not remove nofollow from the author’s link (at least not last time i tried them).

    the following plugin will remove nofollow altogether:

    Denis — which version of WP were you using? DoFollow didn’t work for the nightlies at one point, when one of the internal structures in WP changed. I thought I caught that pretty quickly, though.

    The other feature of DoFollow (inspired by Christoph Rummel) is that removal of nofollow can be delayed, if you want to keep nofollow in brand new comments.

    If you do find bugs in DoFollow, please do send me email. My email address is on the DoFollow download page:

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