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  • Cloudflare & SG optimizer – It’s as if Site Ground employed a swathe of sacked Microsoft developers… It does exactly what it says, but it doesn’t say it’s incompatible with the rest of world wide web.

    Since turning off all of SiteGrounds supposed enhancements – Cloudflare & Optimizer, my site has run like a race set-up Ferrari… Before – when Site Grounds software was enabled, it ran like an old clunker with miss firing cylinders and several blocked injection lines.

    Wasted days figuring out why my site didn’t function, and decided to “try” the final option. Switch off the SG plug-ins, server side and client side.

    WOW! instant success! Faster to load, functionality returned, no more bot attacks, no more 401 errors! It was as if someone had instantaneously cleaned all my code.

    Thank you Site Ground for wasting my time on this planet. I will never forgive you.

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  • I have to agree with this review somehow. 75% was my normal lighthouse score. When I installed and enabled everything available, it went down to 50%.

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