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  • For those who need a simple job board, I have managed to turn WP into a job board with some pretty good features. It’s for WP 2.0.4 but may work as well on earlier releases.

    There are two methods of setting up your own job board:
    1 – use the plugins and mods on your selected theme.
    2 – use the themed package.

    Some features are:
    1 – Set it up as a free board or have the Employers pay through PayPal.
    2 – Paying customers get a time period to post jobs and then have to pay again when the period runs out.
    3 – Job Location postmeta field.
    4 – Auto delete job posts after a period of time.
    5 – Jobseekers can email to a friend.
    6 – Print a job post

    This board does not provide a means for Jobseekers to create and post a resume for Employers to search. Once I’ve figured out how to do that I’ll incorporate it.

    The WPJB is here:

    The themed package demo is here:

    Support is here:

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  • I’d be interested, but your site seems to be down at the moment.

    Hmm… maybe some problems earlier. Try it again. If you are still having trouble reaching the site, email me at 2notch at cableone dot net.

    i am interested also.
    still not working



    Hmmm I don’t understand. If I go to a job post .. it is just information. Wouldn’t it be best to have more information, such as a contact for that goes to the job offer’s registered email. This is more of a Job Posting Blog.

    Just my thoughts.

    @altoyes – very strange, I can get to it just fine. Are you in the U.S.?

    @drewrockshard – The text area would contain all of the job information including the employer’s contact info. It would be up to the Jobseeker to utilize the Employer’s preferred method of contact. Many Employers don’t want to be emailed. They would maybe prefer a fax or in-person visit, or even a phone call.

    This job board/blog was originally designed for use as an internal tool for businesses, organizations, etc., although it can be used as a public free/paid board.

    It looks like my current host may be blocking some areas outside the U.S. (and maybe some inside the U.S.) To remedy this situation I have set up a on a different host. Those of you who can’t get to my site please check back here in a day or so. I will update this thread with the new site. Then everyone should be able to get to it.

    Thanks for your patience.

    I think this is a great use of wordpress. by the way, had no issues reaching the page

    2notch: Sure, will wait for it 🙂 I soo want to use this. By the way, can someone make it so that only registered users (subscribers or above) of a blog/site can post to the job board?

    2notch: i am in australia

    Sorry for getting back here so late. I have been working on the new site, so here it is:
    I’m still adding info on the support forum but everything else should work OK.

    It is set up for only registered users (Employers) to post jobs.
    It has Role Manager so it’s quite flexible in what your subscribers can do.
    Being this is WordPress, you can do just about anything with it.

    Try the new site now. You should get there OK.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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