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  • Drogheda Web Design


    Hi all!

    Wondering how I could change specific urls on my pricing plan table so that each url leads to the PayPal payment page for each plan? Tested many plugins but none offer this feature from what I can see.

    Many thanks!

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  • Robin W


    This can be tailored in the url for your link to paypal

    Drogheda Web Design


    Thanks for the quick response! & where do I generate these PayPal urls? Is there a plugin to do it for me?

    Robin W


    I’m not aware of one, but you just need to break down the elements to create one. It’s quite easy when you get your head around it.

    you do need to use ‘substitute’ strings for some characters

    %40 = @
    %2e = .
    %3a = :
    %2f = /
    %2d = –

    so the string

    breaks down into

    the start sting:
    followed by your paypal account
    mine is which using the substitutes above comes out as
    then the item
    in this case the item is “Family membership email newsletter” as it is club membership
    Then the item cost
    In this case 20.00
    Then any shipping costs
    in my case none so
    Then what currency
    In my case British pounds
    Finally where you want the payment to come back to when done
    Which for me translates as

    You do need to set up the return with paypal if you want to use that

    put that together any you end up with a link that takes you to a paypal page.

    Click the one above to see what you get – don’t worry it’ll only take you to a checkout/payment page, and unless complete it, no money will change hands.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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